Several girlfriends of Agnes Westerhult did their military service and that is what got her interested. After her military service, she first chose to study civilian.

"It wasn't for me. I studied for a year at the Swedish School of Textiles in Borås and I tried civilian life, but longed to return.

What did you miss?

"Above all, the community. We are like a big family and now I have decided to stay. That's why I applied to the officer program. But everything that happens around me has also affected me.

1,045 applicants to the officer programme is the highest number since the programme was established in 2008 as a higher education programme. More than 30 percent of the applicants are women this year. That, too, is a record.

Want to work in Gothenburg

23-year-old Agnes Westerhult currently works as an employed soldier and is a signal sailor at the Amphibian Regiment in Gothenburg. She hopes to get back there after she finishes reading.

"I like the coast and want to continue here," she says.

Hear more about why Agnes dreams of becoming an officer in the clip.