• China Pedro Sánchez strengthens ties with Xi Jinping but without concrete progress on Ukraine
  • Official visit Pedro Sánchez will meet with Xi Jinping after China announces greater military collaboration with Russia

The pension reform validated last Thursday in the Congress of Deputies has served the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, to claim "the great difference between the right and the progressives" when they come to power: "For them, reforming is cutting, while for us it means dignifying pensions and the salaries and conditions of workers. "

After his first official visit to China, the head of the Executive participated this afternoon in a pre-election act of the PSC in L'Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona), where he defended the main social measures adopted by his Cabinet: "We have shown that it is possible to overcome the pandemic and grow and create jobs in the middle of the war [in Ukraine], contain inflation and balance the accounts, and address a labor reform and another of pensions with social peace."

"That is the Spain of the XXI century, which today has more and better employment, the cheapest energy in Europe, one of the lowest inflations on the continent and guarantees present and future pensions," he claimed.

Sánchez has compared "the wrong neoliberal response that the Popular Party gave to the financial crisis" of the past decade with the policies that his Government has executed since 2018, "always for the benefit of the social majority of the country." "Therefore, in the face of the social and territorial tear of those dark years, today we take to the Official State Gazette those demands for which the majority of citizens mobilized," said the secretary general of the PSOE.

Less than two months before the municipal elections, which will serve as a prelude to the general elections scheduled for the end of this year, Sánchez has charged against the popular, whom he has accused of "making the fat broth to the powerful of the country" and "obeying only the interests of those who want to turn a right such as pensions into merchandise for the private sector business. "

The President of the Government considers that Spain enjoys a "social peace" that is the product of having agreed these reforms with the help "of the social agents and other parliamentary groups". A dialogue that has contrasted with the approval of "the labor and pension counter-reforms approved without consensus and unilaterally" by the PP of Mariano Rajoy.

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