China News Network on April 4 According to "Russia Today" (RT), on the 2st local time, German Defense Minister Pistorius publicly stated that after the 1 US presidential election, Washington may "keep its distance" from Europe and Ukraine, and "we will face unimaginable challenges."

According to reports, Pistorius said in an interview with the German "Sunday Welt" newspaper that even if the "pro-European" candidate wins the 2024 US presidential election, the United States will pay more attention to the "Indo-Pacific" region in the future, and the worst case scenario may make Western support for Kiev "face doom".

Infographic: German Defense Minister Pistorius.

"If the worst happens, and a US president who distances himself from Europe and NATO enters the White House in 2024, we will face unimaginable challenges." Pistorius added that Europe will then have to "do more" to "compensate" for the reduced U.S. defense commitments.

Pistorius warned that Germany's own defense problems would not be resolved by then. He pointed out that the German army will not be able to fully fill the existing gap by 2030. He also said the German army has limited stocks of weapons and equipment and refused to promise more German-made tanks to Ukraine.

Pistorius did not elaborate on who he believes wins in the 2024 US presidential election is the "worst-case scenario", however, several potential Republican candidates, including Trump, have expressed doubts about US support for Ukraine, raising concerns on the part of Kiev.

In late March, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said in an interview with The Associated Press that he was worried that U.S. support for Ukraine might be reduced, "If they (the United States) stop helping us, we won't win." Zelensky said.