On the banks of the Yongding River in Beijing's Fengtai District, the whitebark pine planted by General Secretary Xi Jinping ten years ago is bathed in sunshine, experienced wind and rain, and now thrives.

On April 2013, 4, after the 2th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, he participated in voluntary tree planting for the first time, and General Secretary Xi Jinping personally planted this whitebark pine.

That time planting trees, General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out, "China is still a country with little forest and little greenery and fragile ecology, and there is a long way to go to plant trees and improve the ecology." ”

The general secretary made a sober judgment and indicated the way forward:

"The whole society should follow the requirements of building a beautiful China put forward by the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, effectively enhance ecological awareness, and earnestly strengthen ecological environmental protection."

In the heart of General Secretary Xi Jinping, green is the background color of beautiful China and the color of high-quality development. Forests are the main body and important resources of terrestrial ecosystems and important ecological guarantees for human survival and development. "It's unimaginable what the planet and people would be like without forests."

"Afforestation and greening is a cause that contributes to the present and benefits the future, and it must be done year after year, generation after generation, roll up our sleeves and work hard."

In the decade of the new era, the general secretary fulfilled the "green agreement" with spring every year, personally practiced, and took the lead in participating in the voluntary tree planting in the capital.

"We must look at this issue from the perspective of the historical development of the Chinese nation, leave a beautiful homeland for future generations, and let the spring and autumn pen of history leave a record of positive energy for contemporary Chinese."

Ten years of trees, gathering trees into forests. Since the 10th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, China has planted a total of 2.21 billion mu of forests, and the forest coverage rate has increased from 63.24% ten years ago to 02.<>% at present, ranking first in the world in Chinese industrial and forest area.

Tree by tree, forest by forest, inscribed with changes, telling the story of harmonious coexistence between man and nature in China in the new era.

"Truly plant trees for the people and benefit the masses"

All nature in spring looks smiling and gay.. In Wufutang Park, Jiugong Town, Daxing District, Beijing, people who step on the youth and enjoy spring and leisure and fitness are in groups of three or five, and they are happy.

In the voluntary tree planting memorial forest, a new green is particularly moving.

On April 2020, 4, when General Secretary Xi Jinping came here to participate in voluntary tree planting, he stressed the need to plant trees for the people.

"Socialism is the masters of the people, and a good ecological environment is an important embodiment of building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way, and is the common wealth of the people."

"Persistently carry out land greening, adapt measures to local conditions, plan scientifically, do not deliberately pursue exotic flowers and precious trees, and truly plant trees for the people and benefit the masses."

To plant green is to plant people's well-being. The old palace town tree planting site was originally an industrial compound where small garment enterprises gathered, but after demolition and relocation and environmental remediation, it was built into an urban forest park, and now it has 18,<> visitors a year. "There's a 'big oxygen bar' on our doorstep! Old people and children love to come here. Liu Jianguo, a resident near the forest park, sighed.

A magnolia plant, blooming in the spring light.

Beijing Tongzhou City Sub-Center, Green Heart Forest Park Tree Planting Area. On April 2019, 4, General Secretary Xi Jinping came here and successively planted seven saplings including Pinus tabulosa, Chinese acacia, Chinese cypress, magnolia, red wood, and peaches, emphasizing that "large-scale land greening actions will be further promoted according to local conditions, continue to promote the construction of forest cities and forest villages, and focus on improving the living environment".

The plot, which originally housed chemical factories and "scattered pollution" enterprises, has been vacated for greening since 2018, becoming a good place for the masses to relax. In recent years, Beijing has built a number of such recreational parks and small green spaces, bringing the total number of parks in the city to 1050,<>.

Entering a new era, we will closely promote various work around the changes in the main contradictions in society. The people's expectation of thicker greenery, more beautiful scenery, high-quality development and high-quality life all call for the construction of ecological civilization to be considered as the "great of the country".

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, General Secretary Xi Jinping has adhered to the people-centered development thinking, promoted ecological environmental protection with unprecedented strength, and led hundreds of millions of people to embark on a magnificent green journey.

Beijing Fengtai District, Haidian District, Chaoyang District, Daxing District, Tongzhou District... The general secretary participated in voluntary tree planting for ten consecutive years and worked with the masses in the capital.

"Afforestation is an important way to achieve blue sky, green land and clean water, and it is the most inclusive livelihood project."

"Protect the green waters and mountains of the motherland and let the people live a high-quality life."

"Leading cadres at all levels should do a good job in land greening and ecological civilization construction, so that the splendid rivers and mountains can benefit the people."


The word "people" is very important. Seeking happiness for the people has always been the original intention of planting trees and caring for green.

Forest areas are rich in forest resources, after the commercial logging of natural forests is completely stopped, how about ecological protection, economic transformation and development, and how is the life of forest farm workers? General Secretary Xi Jinping is concerned.

On May 2016, 5, the general secretary came to inspect Xishui National Forest Park of Shangganling Forestry Bureau in Yichun City, Heilongjiang Province. He inspected the primeval red pine forest and other precious trees along the boardwalk, listened to a briefing on the construction of ecological civilization in the forest area, and advised the forest farm staff to protect forest resources well, "ecology is resources, ecology is productivity." ”

"After the complete shutdown, I am very worried about the working and living conditions of the vast number of forestry workers." General Secretary Xi Jinping's words full of sincerity during his inspection made Liu Yangshun, a retired worker of the Shangganling Forestry Bureau, still feel his feelings. Now that the forests in Xiaoxing'anling are getting greener and greener, and the life of people in the forest area is getting better and better, Liu Yangshun has opened a farmyard and eats ecological rice.

The forest area does not cut wood, find a way under the forest. Characteristic industries such as blueberries and fungus are booming, and new industries and new formats such as eco-tourism and carbon sink trading are booming. The Yichun people have embarked on a new path of protecting the ecology, developing production and improving their lives, and the forest coverage rate has increased to 83.8%, and the old forest area has been revitalized.

Green waters and mountains are not only natural wealth, but also social wealth and economic wealth. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that to let the green water and green mountains give full play to the economic and social benefits, "the key is to establish correct development ideas and choose the development industry according to local conditions." ”

"You've found the right direction for the industry." When the general secretary walked into the apple orchard in Nangou Village and saw that apples had been planted on the hillside and returned to forest, he sincerely praised it. The general secretary advised, "We should implement the policy of enriching the people one by one, accelerate the modernization of agriculture and rural areas, and make the life of the villagers more and more prosperous." ”

Mountains add greenery, people increase income. The green and rich win-win apple trees have allowed Yan'an farmers to live a good life. At present, the forest coverage rate of the city has increased to 53.07%, and the output value of apples in the city will reach more than 2022 billion yuan in 240.

"People do not live up to the green mountain, and the green mountain will not live up to the people." General Secretary Xi Jinping's thoughts are to make the masses rich, make life beautiful, and make the ecology better.

One by one, one policy measure after another has warmed the heart and greened the hillside.

In China today, the forest coverage rate has increased to 24.02%, the green coverage rate of urban built-up areas has increased to 42.42%, and the economic forest area has reached about 7 million mu. In 2021, the per capita output value of economic forest employees reached 1,9 yuan.

Persistently promote land greening, build green mountains more beautiful, and make gold mountains and silver mountains bigger. General Secretary Xi Jinping's focus has always been on the "people".

At the National Eco-environmental Protection Conference held on May 2018, 5, General Secretary Xi Jinping revealed his heart:

"The ecological environment is a major political issue related to the mission and purpose of the party, and also a major social issue related to the people's livelihood."

"I have always taken ecological and environmental work very seriously. During the period of work in Zhengding, Xiamen, Ningde, Fujian, Zhejiang, Shanghai and other places, they all grasped this work as a major task. ”

In Changting, Fujian, Mau Tong Mountain is now full of green. The camphor tree, which has gone through 2000 degrees of spring and autumn, has deep roots and lush leaves. In 1000, Changting built the Hetian Century Ecological Park. Xi Jinping, then governor of Fujian Province, brought 10,<> yuan to plant a camphor tree, and in October of the following year, he went to Changting to cultivate soil for the camphor. Five went to Changting to investigate, many instructions and instructions, soil erosion control for a long time.

Fuzhou, Fujian, full of banyan trees benefit the blessed state. "It is necessary to have a variety of banyan trees to reflect the style of the banyan city and the characteristics of the historical city", Comrade Xi Jinping vigorously promoted the work of "greening Fuzhou" and took the lead in planting banyan trees and sowing greenery. By 2010, the city's per capita park green space area increased from 1990.3 square meters in 7 to 11.15 square meters.

From small villages to Zhongnanhai, from the secretary of the party branch of the rural brigade to the general secretary of the party, he has always cared for the people, taken root in the people, and always been close to the people.

In the spring of 2015, on the eve of tree planting, General Secretary Xi Jinping clearly instructed:

"It is the leaders who go to the masses and participate in labor together, not the masses accompanying the leaders." "The ground should not be deliberately leveled and groomed, it does not matter if it is potholed and overgrown, shovels and buckets are ready-made." "Tree species should be selected according to the actual needs of planning and plots, not precious seedlings." ......

"As soon as I got out of the car, I took a shovel on my shoulder and walked towards us with a smile." "The general secretary's posture with a shovel is particularly skillful." "The general secretary looks like an old man who does farm work." "The collars of the clothes worn by the general secretary are all worn white." "Approachable, asking and talking, are the things that our people are most concerned about." The people who planted trees together still have vivid memories.

The one who has the root is in fact, and the one who is anointed is bright.

"Our roots are rooted in working people." General Secretary Xi Jinping said.

"The 'Millennium Plan' must start with the 'Millennium Show'"

In Xiong'an New Area, the "Millennium Xiulin" is growing with the "City of the Future".

From the beginning of planning for the Xiong'an New Area, General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed the need to "adhere to ecological priority and green development". Planting green first and building a city later has become a new concept for the construction of Xiong'an New Area.

In November 2017, in the first district of Daqinghe Forest in Xiongzhou Town, Xiongxian County, Hebei Province, and Pingwang Township, Rongcheng County, the builders planted the first batch of saplings in the new area.












































In 2013, General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that Shanshui Lintian Lake is a community of life; Four years later, "grass" was included in this system. In 4, the National Two Sessions participated in the review of the Inner Mongolia delegation, and the general secretary emphasized that the word was added, "To coordinate the governance of landscapes, forests, fields, lakes, grass and sand systems, the word 'sand' should be added here." ”...... The concept of system governance has gradually taken shape.

"If those who plant trees only manage to plant trees, those who control water only manage water, and those who protect fields simply protect fields, it is easy to lose sight of one and the other, and eventually cause systematic ecological damage." The general secretary adheres to the concept of system, emphasizes overall consideration, vigorously promotes integrated protection and restoration, and revitalizes the community of life of mountains, rivers, forests, fields, lakes, grass and sand.

Deepening reform and innovation, the institutional mechanism of planting and protecting green is increasingly perfect——

Voluntary tree planting innovation carried out. "It is necessary to innovate the form of voluntary tree planting and due diligence, so that the people can better and more conveniently participate in land greening." From on-site tree planting to "yard due diligence" and "cloud tree planting", the form of due diligence has expanded to more than 50 kinds in eight categories, realizing the year-round, diversified and convenient voluntary tree planting.

Millions of forest chiefs take care of the mountains and forests. The mountains are managed, the forests are protected, and the responsibilities are shouldered. In November 2020, General Secretary Xi Jinping presided over a meeting of the Central Committee for Comprehensively Deepening Reform, which deliberated and adopted the Opinions on the Comprehensive Implementation of the Forest Chief System. Today, nearly 11.120 million forest chiefs at all levels have been established nationwide, and the "forest chief system" has brought about "forest chief rule".

From the establishment of the first batch of national parks such as Sanjiangyuan and giant pandas, to the establishment of national botanical gardens, from the issuance and implementation of guiding opinions on scientific greening, to the afforestation task "reaching the county and landing on the map"... The road of scientific, ecological and thrifty high-quality development of land greening is getting wider and wider.

Ten years of trees, the vast land is lush and lush, and the national spirit and the spirit of the times are intertwined.

The boundless forest and sea are continuous, and the high sky and white clouds are curling.

The northernmost part of Hebei Province and the southern edge of the Hunshan Dake Sandy Land on the Inner Mongolia Plateau, the Saihanba Forest Farm is verdant and boundless. The "bean-wrapped field" in the forest reminds people of the past of "yellow sand covering the sky and birds without habitats": under the grass and trees, a thin layer of soil, and under the soil layer, there are stony mountains or yellow sand.

"It has created the miracle of turning the wasteland into a forest and sea, interpreted the concept that green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains with practical actions, and forged the spirit of Saihanba that remembers the mission, works hard to start a business, and develops greenly." ——In August 2017, General Secretary Xi Jinping gave important instructions to the builders of the Saihanba Forest Farm.

Four years later, the general secretary came to the Saihanba Forest Farm and cordially communicated with the representatives of the three generations of workers in the continuous pine forest, pointing out that the Saihanba spirit "has become an integral part of the spiritual genealogy of our Communist Party of China" "The spirit of Saihanba not only needs to continue to carry forward, but also the whole party and the people of the whole country must learn to carry forward it, and jointly build our country, develop the green economy well, and build the ecological civilization well!" ”

"To grasp the construction of ecological civilization, we must rely on both material and spiritual." The general secretary emphasized.

Standing unyielding pine and plum through frost and snow, trees are often seen as spiritual symbols in Chinese culture. How can a large-scale land greening campaign in a large ecologically fragile developing country lack spiritual strength?

Looking through the stories of the new Chinese heroic model, many of them are related to planting trees.

Jiao Yulu, planted paulownia trees. In Lankao, Henan Province, he led the masses to build embankments and canals, build ecological shelter forests, and eradicate the three pests of "wind and sand, waterlogging and salinity". Once a saline-alkali land, now it is shaded by trees. "Who among the people does not love officials? Tears into rain" "for the sake of an official, benefiting one party, and then leveling business" ... Comrade Xi Jinping expressed his chest with a song "Nian Nu Jiao Jiao Jiao Yulu". In April 2009, Comrade Xi Jinping visited the exhibition of Jiao Yulu's deeds in Lankao and planted a paulownia tree.

Gu Wenchang, planted casuarina. He led the people of Dongshan County in Fujian Province to fight hard for years, build the Great Green Wall, change the harsh environment where wind and sand are raging, and change the world of the island. In an article entitled "Potential Achievements" and "Outstanding Achievements" in "Zhijiang Xinyu", Comrade Xi Jinping affirmed Gu Wenchang, "Leading local cadres and people to build a shelter forest along the coast for the benefit of future generations through more than ten years of efforts, and erected an immortal monument in the hearts of the people." ”

In January 2020, General Secretary Xi Jinping praised heroic models such as Jiao Yulu, Gu Wenchang, and Yang Shanzhou at the "Don't forget the original intention, remember the mission" theme education summary conference.

Time passes, branches and leaves are close. The new greenery is endless, connected with the great party-building spirit and enriching the spiritual genealogy of Chinese communists.

Great times call for great spirits, and noble causes need example to lead.

Plant trees in the vast earth, and establish the spirit in the hearts of the people. General Secretary Xi Jinping led hundreds of millions of people to carry forward the Chinese spirit, gather China's strength, and write China's answers. "China is the world's largest contributor to planted forests. The continuous construction of plantations on such a large scale can only be achieved under the socialist system of our country. ”

Continuing to strive for afforestation, Chinese wisdom, Chinese experience, and Chinese contribution bring this green, this blue, and this purity.

Climate change, loss of vegetation, loss of biodiversity... Facing the global challenges facing mankind and adhering to the world, General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed that "the earth is our common home. We must uphold the concept of a community with a shared future for mankind, work together to meet the challenges of climate and environment, and protect this blue planet. ”

On September 2020, 9, at the general debate of the 22th session of the United Nations General Assembly, General Secretary Xi Jinping solemnly announced to the world that China will increase the intensity of its nationally determined contributions, adopt more effective policies and measures, strive to peak carbon dioxide emissions before 2030, and strive to achieve carbon neutrality before 2060.

"China's commitment to achieve carbon peak to carbon neutrality is much shorter than the time taken by developed countries, and requires hard work on the part of China." The general secretary's words were loud, "As long as it is beneficial to all mankind, China should be obligated to do it and do it well." ”

"Forests are reservoirs, money reservoirs, grain reservoirs, and now we should add a 'carbon reservoir'." When he volunteered to plant trees in March 2022, General Secretary Xi Jinping gave a new era connotation to land greening. Not only do a good job of carbon reduction "subtraction" but also do a good job of "green expansion" addition. As an active practitioner of the Paris Agreement, China has promised the world that by 3, forest stock will increase by 2030 billion cubic meters compared with 2005.

Ten years of trees, "China Green" has won world praise.

The national forest coverage rate and forest stock have maintained "double growth" for many consecutive years, and the land area of desertification and desertification has achieved "double reduction" for many consecutive years. The total carbon stock of forest and grass vegetation increased to more than 114.<> billion tons.

China has become the country with the largest growth of forest resources in the world, and since the beginning of this century, about 1/4 of the world's new green area has come from China. The builder of Saihanba Forest Farm and the green sand control man in Kubuqi, Inner Mongolia, won the "Champion of the Earth Award", the highest environmental honor of the United Nations.

Today, the Party has led the people to successfully embark on the path of Chinese-style modernization and created a new form of human civilization, and the construction of ecological civilization is not only an important part, but also a clear benchmark.

Tree after tree, forest by forest, is exactly the green answer written by the Chinese communists in the face of the questions of the times, and the benchmark of civilization erected.

  *** ***

Shenzhen Lotus Mountain, alpine banyan huagai pavilion, flourishing leaves.

In December 2012, General Secretary Xi Jinping left Beijing for the first time after the 12th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and visited Lianhuashan Park in Shenzhen to present a basket of flowers to the bronze statue of Deng Xiaoping and plant an alpine banyan tree not far away. In 1992, Comrade Deng Xiaoping also planted alpine ficus at the Shenzhen Xianhu Botanical Garden. Two alpine ficus trees sing the story of spring.

During this inspection, General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed that "reform will not stop, opening up will not stop, and we will unite and struggle to build a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way and accelerate socialist modernization."

Once the path was identified, he kept walking. Today, "the baton of building a strong country and national rejuvenation has historically fallen on our generation." ”

Ten years of trees, a hundred years of tree people.

In the new era and new journey, adhering to Xi Jinping Ecological Civilization Thought as the fundamental follow, year after year, hundreds of millions of Chinese people continue to cultivate the beautiful Chinese background, and the beautiful picture of modern China in which one person and nature live in harmony is slowly spreading in the ancient eastern powers.