Foreign Minister Lam, who is visiting China, met with one of the top leaders, Premier Li Qiang, and pointed out that it is important to create an environment where Japan and Japan companies can operate with peace of mind, given the detention of a man from a major pharmaceutical company in China.

Foreign Minister Hayashi held talks with Premier Li Qiang, who is said to be the second highest in the Chinese Communist Party and the closest aide to President Xi Jinping, for about 5 minutes from around 40 p.m. Japan time.

At the outset, Minister Hayashi stated, "Although there are many issues and concerns in Japan-China relations, I would like to communicate closely at all levels toward building a 'constructive and stable relationship,' which is the common understanding of the leaders of the two countries."

In response, Prime Minister Li replied, "China and Japan are neighbors who cannot move to each other, and both are important countries in Asia, and maintaining good relations between the two countries is not only in the interests of both countries and their people, but also meaningful for world peace and prosperity."

In addition, Minister Hayashi pointed out that in light of the detention of Japan people, including a man from a major pharmaceutical company, in China, it is important for the governments of the two countries to support cooperation in the economic field and people-to-people exchanges, and to create an environment in which Japan and Japan companies can operate in China with peace of mind.

The two leaders shared the view that it is important to maintain close communication at all levels, including between the two leaders.