The press release that the city council sent out to several media outlets on Friday read:

"Skellefte Kraft intends to annually draw a municipality where the company's customers receive a fifty percent subsidy of electricity for one year. The lot has fallen on Malå in the first year."

" On behalf of the people of Malå, I am happy that Malå can be the first out. Electricity prices weigh on many families and I really hope that the initiative is completed now on 1/4, says Malås's municipal councillor Lennart Gustavsson."

When SVT calls the municipal council, he says that it is obvious that it is a joke.

"You understood that well on the date when it was to be introduced," says Lennart Gustavsson, but admits that it was sent a day early.

- It was, of course, a taboo to send out a day early. It was a way to add some humor and maybe a laugh or two," he continues.

Hear how the councillor thought about the joke in the video.