Roads have become wider, neighborhoods have become greener, communities have more functions... For Yang Guifang, who has lived in the Friendship 19 Community in Kundulun District, Baotou City, Inner Mongolia for nearly 30 years, the changes in the community in the past two years have made her deeply experienced. "The once abandoned chimney here has been transformed into an Internet celebrity check-in place, the decommissioned boiler room has been transformed into a service center for the party and masses, all kinds of illegal and messy open-air cables have disappeared, and new charging piles and fitness equipment have been added. Today, we feel very happy living in the community. Yang Guifang said.

Baotou City is a key industrial base built during the country's "First Five-Year Plan" period, when a number of national key engineering projects settled in Baotou, and the first version of the urban master plan came into being in 1955. For more than 60 years, under the guidance of this plan, several generations of Baotou people have worked hard to start a business and make unremitting efforts, and the appearance of the city has undergone earth-shaking changes.

Since 2021, Baotou City has been listed as one of the national urban physical examination samples, and urban physical examination evaluation has been carried out for two consecutive years.

"As an old industrial city, Baotou still has a large total amount of infrastructure, relatively low standards and quality, etc., and the task of urban renewal is urgent." Wang Guan, deputy director of the Baotou City Urban Management Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau, said.

Some are targeted to push the old and reform

The reporter learned that the urban physical examination of Baotou City mainly builds an index system in eight aspects, including ecological livability, health and comfort, safety and resilience, convenient transportation, style characteristics, cleanliness and order, diversity and inclusiveness, and innovation vitality through the model of "physical examination + renewal and green development", and measures and analyzes the indicators of urban physical examination in Baotou City. At the same time, the shortcomings of cities in optimizing layout, improving functions, improving quality, enhancing resilience, smart and efficient, green and low-carbon are systematically analyzed, and several governance lists are sorted out. On this basis, according to the requirements of the urban physical examination task, the urban self-examination report is prepared and completed, and the current situation analysis and countermeasure suggestions are provided for Baotou City to prepare the urban renewal plan and annual implementation plan, clarify the urban renewal project, and promote the green development of urban and rural construction.

"We adhere to 'problem-oriented and people's livelihood-oriented', and carry out practical exploration around building an index system, carrying out social satisfaction surveys, opening up the work path of urban physical examination and updating, and promoting the application of urban physical examination results." Wang Guan told reporters that Baotou City takes the results of the urban physical examination as an important way to discover the problems around the citizens, forms a list of people's livelihood facts, responds to the most direct needs of the citizens, fundamentally solves various problems raised by the masses, and truly implements the expectations of the people.

Founded in the 19s of last century, Friendship 90 Community is the most populous community in Baotou City so far, facing problems such as outdated buildings and aging infrastructure, which is difficult to meet residents' yearning for a better life, and renewal is imminent.

The renovation of the old community of Youyi 19 community is a people's livelihood project promoted after the urban physical examination in Baotou. "We ask the people before the renovation of the community, ask the people during the transformation, and ask the people for the effect after the transformation. Encourage and guide the general public to participate in the whole process of design, dismantling and supervision. In the process of transformation, the community actively guided, residents took the initiative to participate, and the spontaneously formed 'Nagging Family Standing Team' and 'Renovation Project Supervision Team' participated in the whole process of community transformation and governance, and the effect was good. Wu Xiufeng, secretary of the party committee and director of the neighborhood committee of the Friendship 19 Four Communities, said that whether or not to change and how to change it let the masses have the final say. Nowadays, community convenience service circles are taking shape, community business, medical services, basic education, convenience services and other supporting facilities have been continuously improved, and community governance capabilities have been further improved.

In 2022, Baotou City applied to the autonomous region for inclusion in 193 central subsidies to support the renovation of old residential areas, with a total construction area of 515,99,6 square meters, benefiting 14,220 households. There are 594 actual construction projects, with a total construction area of 7.09 million square meters, benefiting 114,<> households, and the start rate and completion rate are both <>%.

Focus on people's livelihood and temperature

The lack of home and community elderly care services is one of the problems found by Baotou City through urban physical examination. To this end, in the renovation process of No. 2 Freedom Road, 4 new complexes have been built: home care, convenient services, party group stations, and health and physical therapy. "We introduced a third-party organization Yongsheng Cheng Company to provide a combination of 'online + offline' and 'one-stop + door-to-door' to provide a number of services such as home care and health physiotherapy." Zhang Hong, deputy director of the neighborhood committee of Ziyi Community, said.

Xue Qiangwei, head of Yongsheng Cheng Elderly Care Service Center in Qingshan District, Baotou City, told reporters that since the opening of the elderly service center this year, the operation is good, and more than 10 elderly people have enjoyed full care services in the center, and many elderly people consult home care matters, "We mainly provide day care, health physiotherapy, medical care and other services to help solve the worries of the elderly and children." There are many elderly people in the No. 2 neighborhood of Freedom Road where the center is located and the surrounding communities, and the demand for elderly care services is relatively strong, and we are full of confidence in the future development of the center."

The elderly have a good place to retire, and children can also find a good place to play. Every weekend, the waterfront beach along the artificial lake area in the Olympic Park in the heart of Qingshan District becomes a paradise for children. Li Peng, director of the park's management center, said that this was once an ash storage ground, and dust often flew around the ash storage pond. In 2014, Baotou City made up its mind to turn waste into treasure and waste into scenery, and launched the construction of the Olympic Park, where more than 2000,<> mu of large-scale green space and <>,<> mu of Saihantara wetland grassland in the city are across the road, forming the "green core" of the city.

The reporter learned that in recent years, Baotou City has taken the actual needs of the people as the starting point and foothold of urban management, found problems through urban physical examination, integrated resources from all parties, adopted pragmatic measures, and focused on smoothing the urban road network system, implementing the construction of a park city, continuing the historical context of the city, promoting the construction of sponge cities, improving the efficiency of reclaimed water utilization, and promoting the technological transformation of sewage treatment plants, and achieved phased results.

At present, Baotou City is actively building a physical examination system at the city and district levels, and the scope of the city-level physical examination is the downtown area of Baotou, and this year it plans to carry out the pilot work of "one district integrated inspection" on the basis of "one city integrated inspection".

City management is more refined

Planning is the leader, construction is the means, and management is the guarantee - this is Wang Guan's summary of more than 30 years of practical experience in urban construction work. "The so-called 'three-point construction, seven-point management', the refined management of the city is very important for the improvement of urban quality and function." Wang Guan told reporters that in order to better carry out urban management, Baotou City has developed and built an urban management service platform - "Lucheng Butler".

Di Da, the project leader of the "Lucheng Butler" platform, told reporters that the "Lucheng Butler" is based on the "street chief system" established by the urban management department of Baotou City in recent years, guided by "rapid discovery and efficient disposal", and comprehensively promotes urban management in accordance with the working mode of urban management "sinking the front line and working on the road". "Since the platform was put into operation, street chiefs at all levels in the city have disposed of more than 70,8 check-ins and reported more than 95,<> cases, with a disposal completion rate of more than <>%. In the next step, we will further enrich the platform functions according to the operation of the platform and citizens' feedback, so as to provide assistance for the continuous improvement of urban management. Theda said.

"How well the city is managed, the people who live in it have the most say. Among them, the living environment, infrastructure and other elements closely related to people's lives are important indicators for evaluating the quality and function of a city. For this reason, the goal for us is to create a city that is livable and workable. Wang Guan told reporters that improving the quality and function of the city is a systematic project, which requires long-term work, "doing our best while doing what we can, and striving to 'spend small money and do big things'".

"Over the years, we have continuously enriched and improved the infrastructure in the Olympic Park, adding smart light poles, smart seats, smart public toilets, paving plastic runways, permeable concrete floors, and building dry streams that practice the concept of sponge city. It has become a beautiful landscape to enhance the quality and image of Baotou City. Li Peng said.

In 2023, Baotou City plans to implement 192 urban old residential area renovation projects, with a total construction area of 450,16,5 square meters, involving 21,12 residents, and an estimated investment of 2.25 billion yuan; plans to implement 155 energy-saving renovation projects for existing residential buildings, with a total construction area of 58,8,<> square meters. Wang Guan said that in the next step, Baotou City will continue to carry out urban physical examination, consciously make up for shortcomings, strengths and weaknesses, and benefit people's livelihood. Coordinate and promote the work in eight aspects: scientific planning and guidance, safety and resilience construction, smooth road traffic, greening and beautification improvement, comprehensive environmental management, livable area construction, characteristic style shaping, and fine management and governance, build a number of urban renewal projects, and embark on a road of high-quality urban development with intensive connotation, green and low-carbon, so as to make urban development warmer and citizens' lives more quality.

(Economic Daily News Yu Jian)