- Spring has come, many are beginning to pay more attention to nutrition and physical fitness, are preparing for the summer vacation. What to look for when losing weight and why many simply can not lose weight?

- The main reason is non-compliance with the regime. What is the most important desire for losing weight in most people? Lose weight fast. People stop eating, severely limit themselves, do not drink enough fluids. They begin to train intensively, and the body cannot rebuild so quickly. Untrained people should start with Pilates or yoga. We need to walk more, and many of us do not like this, especially those who are constantly driving. They even go to the next store by car, that is, these are already pathological habits. In addition, you need enough sleep - at least eight hours. If people do not sleep enough time, there is no regular meal at certain hours, then, of course, there will be no weight loss.

Is it worth sticking to a particular diet? And which diets are the most dangerous?

- Any mono-diet is not useful for the body. You just need to sit down and write down your diet during the day, without thinking about the number of calories. After you have kept a food diary for three to four days, you need to analyze it, and then you will immediately see that you could not eat. So, you need to immediately remove this and take note that these snacks are not good. It is necessary to understand that no diet will save if the total caloric content of the diet is higher than the number of calories that you spend. It is also worth removing simple carbohydrates, especially in the afternoon. Eat often, in small portions, observe the drinking regimen. This will already be enough for 90% of people to lose weight.

– How to eat before and after training? Where should beginners start?

- On the day of training or the day before, there should be protein food in the diet. Two hours after training, you can eat complex carbohydrates: low-fat and unsweetened cereals or cereals. After four to six hours, you can eat meat or fish products, but not salty. If you are just starting to train, then you need to start with the simplest - with walking. You can walk on the track, but best of all on the street, only you need the right shoes. The greater the weight, the slower it is necessary to walk, but longer, and fat burning in such patients is much higher. You can stop traveling by public transport. If you get off the subway and there are two or three stops to work, then walk them. You need to start with this, and then there can be swimming, callanetics, yoga. Only when your ligaments and muscles are in good shape, you can start strength training.

- With the onset of the warm season, do I need to drink more water? How to calculate your rate?

- In fact, 100 ml per 1 kg is a lot. If you use about 20 ml per 1 kg, then you get 2 liters, but you need to understand that this is not instantaneous. It is necessary to drink regularly during the day, in small sips. You can drink every hour half a glass of water - this is quite enough to start metabolic processes.

- Many to accelerate the process of losing weight take dietary supplements and various drugs without a doctor's prescription. Why are they dangerous?

To decide whether you need them or not, you need to go to the doctor, because you need to clearly study your endocrinological status. But in fact, there are no magic pills. What do all the people who buy dietary supplements hope for? On the fact that this is a magic pill and it will help. Won't help.

If you do not reduce the calorie content, if you do not have sports loads, then no pill will help. And if you follow all the rules, you do not need magic pills. If there is a situation in which a person does not lose weight, when all the specified parameters are not performed, weight does not decrease, you need to go to the doctor, because, unfortunately, there are diseases accompanied by overweight.

- Products that are strictly prohibited for weight loss - is there such a list of restrictions? Or should you allow yourself a little bit of everything?

- The question here is not only what you eat, but in what quantity - that's what is important. Therefore, if you like chocolate, you can afford bitter in small quantities, there are no contradictions and contraindications to this. Before you limit yourself rigidly, you need to understand what your body needs, what needs there are. You can eat just a salad with vegetables, it is not necessary to put cheese there, and its calorie content will already decrease three times. Each person should choose certain foods that are well tolerated, give pleasure and do not harm the body.

Which doctors should I visit before contacting a nutritionist? What is the range of tests?

First of all, you need to go to the therapist, pass biochemical and clinical blood tests, check the level of vitamin D, make an ECG and measure blood pressure, find out the level of sugar in the blood. If you are really overweight, then you need a serious program, including consultation with an endocrinologist, to prescribe thyroid hormones, hormones that are responsible for excess weight, insulin, insulin-like growth factor, ghrelin, c-peptide , something that is responsible for weight gain and is associated with the pancreas and type 2 diabetes mellitus.

With this range of analyzes, documents, conclusions, you can go to a nutritionist who, having all the studies in his hands, will calmly write out a nutritional program that can be followed, but you just need to understand that this is a daily job, constant, and this is not two weeks. As we think: in two weeks we will lose weight, and then we will eat everything in a row. Nothing like that! It should be a way of life.