, April 4 After the Manhattan grand jury voted to indict former US President Trump on the "hush money" case, the US media disclosed that Trump will be arraigned next Tuesday (April 1); It is also reported that he will go to Manhattan on April 4 to turn himself in. Trump's lawyers said the former U.S. president would be "not handcuffed" at that time. On this matter, US President Biden refused to make any comments in an interview.

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Trump "will not be handcuffed",

New York discusses security plans

CNN quoted two sources as saying that former US President Trump is expected to appear in the Manhattan Criminal Court on the afternoon of April 4 Eastern Time.

Trump's criminal prosecution stemmed from an investigation by Manhattan District Attorney and Democrat Alvin Bragg's office against Trump, in which Trump's former personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, paid $2016,13 in "hush money" to an actress who said he had an affair with Trump years ago, before the <> U.S. presidential election. Trump denied it.

Cohen was sentenced to three years in prison in 2018 for violating electoral laws and other charges. During the investigation, he reached a plea deal with federal prosecutors, pleading guilty to paying "hush money" at Trump's direction. But prosecutors did not indict Trump. Since then, prosecutors in Manhattan, New York, have repeatedly reopened investigations into the case, but have failed.

Reuters said Trump plans to fly from Mar-a-Lago in Florida to New York on April 4. He will spend the night at Trump Tower in New York before his April 3 court appearance. Once in court, Trump will be fingerprinted. Trump plans to return to Florida after that, the sources said.

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Trump's lawyer, Joe Tachopina, said Trump did not have to be handcuffed when he appeared in court. Other officials said handcuffs were generally only used for suspects deemed to be at risk to escape or safety.

Trump's appearance in court may also receive "extra attention". Sources told CNN that officials involved in Trump's planned court appearance are considering suspending all other court cases during Trump's appearance. Sources said this was due to safety concerns and would reduce foot traffic in the building.

FBI, NYPD, Secret Service and New York City court officials are reportedly coordinating security efforts.

Biden "kept silent",

The United States "fell into unknown legal waters"?

U.S. President Joe Biden left for a tornado-hit state of Mississippi on March 3 to inspect the damage, ABC reported. Before leaving the White House, the media asked Trump questions about his indictment from multiple angles, but he did not make his position clear.

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Asked what his response would be to Trump's criminal indictment, Biden said "no."

Asked if he was concerned that Trump's indictment would further divide the United States, Biden said he had no comment.

Asked if he was concerned that the prosecution would spark protests, Biden said, "I'm not going to talk about Trump's indictment." ”

Asked what the incident means for the rule of law in the United States, Biden continued to decline.

Asked by reporters whether he believes the charges against Trump are politically motivated, Biden said, "I don't have any comment on Trump." ”

Agence France-Presse said in the report that Trump's indictment has brought new political risks to Republican Biden. "He's the president, not a legal analyst," a Democrat with close ties to the White House defended Biden's silence.

Trump became the first-ever former president in the United States to face prosecution in a case that "plunged the United States into uncharted legal waters," the Associated Press said.

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While Trump's legal team prepared his defense, prosecutors defended the grand jury investigation. After the indictment was announced, congressional Republicans, as well as Trump, said the entire incident was "purely politically motivated."

Trump himself went on to call the investigation a "hoax," "persecution" and "unfair," accusing Democrats of "lying and cheating" to undermine his 2024 presidential campaign.

In response, prosecutor Alvin Bragg wrote in a letter to the chairmen of the three Republican House committees on the 31st, "We urge you to stop these inflammatory charges, withdraw the request for information, and let the criminal justice process proceed without illegal political interference." ”

Trump "will not plead guilty",

Significant sums of money have been raised through information of the prosecution

Former U.S. President Donald Trump faces more than 30 charges related to commercial fraud, including at least one felony, in the indictment handed down by a Manhattan grand jury, two people familiar with the matter said, according to the Associated Press. The indictment remains confidential, the charges were not immediately made public, and anonymous sources provided information that has not yet been made public.

A man shouts at a Trump supporter holding an American flag outside Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate on March 2023, 3.

The Associated Press said Trump "will be protected by the Secret Service and will almost certainly be released the same day."

Two of Trump's lawyers revealed that Trump would not plead guilty. Joe Tacopina told NBC that Trump will not accept the plea deal in the grand jury indictment and plans to file a "substantial legal challenge" to the indictment.

Joe Tacopina said, "He [Trump] is ready to fight. He is stepping up his preparations. ”

Meanwhile, another Trump lawyer said Trump's legal team is expected to file a motion to dismiss the indictment before a trial that could begin.

The Associated Press reported that Trump was taking advantage of the indictment and that "the media storm has put the former president back in the spotlight he craved." The Trump campaign said it had raised more than $24 million in the 400 hours following news of the indictment.