The launch of Yolanda Díaz as a candidate of Sumar and the absence of Podemos in the act of officialization mark the political agenda of this weekend and monopolize the attention even of formations that have nothing to do with the alternative left. The president of the Popular Party, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, related this Saturday the new political "space" of Díaz with "the populism of always" and predicted a failure of the brand with which the second vice president of the Government will seek to transcend the purples in the general elections of December.

"When I had not yet decided to join the PP, those who say that they are now a space already militated in the same party that now change their name," said Feijóo without explicitly mentioning Díaz, in clear allusion to the long political career of the Minister of Labor in the different structures of the formations to the left of the PSOE in the last 25 years.

"Do you know why they have to change their names constantly?" the opposition leader asked. "Because they have nothing to offer the people," so he predicted that, despite the change of skin and identity, Sumar will not even have the support at the polls that Podemos has had or the previous political brands from which Díaz comes, such as IU or the PCE.

"The better known they are, the less they vote for them," Feijóo said to justify the new format with which the second vice president of the Executive plans to represent the space to the left of the Socialists. Faced with populist parties and those who were constitutionalists but have replaced their road map with that dictated by nationalist formations, he said, referring to the PSOE, Feijóo guaranteed unity, centrality and moderation through the proposal launched by the PP throughout Spain.

This was expressed by the popular leader from Zaragoza, accompanied by the mayor of the city and regional candidate in Aragon on May 28, Jorge Azcón. Also by the candidate for mayor of Zaragoza, Natalia Chueca. Both institutions, the Government of Aragon and the City Council of Zaragoza, are two important objectives on the agenda of the PP in the territorial and local elections. The popular aspire to revalidate the mayor's office of the Aragonese capital and to take advantage of the pull of Azcón as mayor of Zaragoza to unseat Javier Lambán at the regional level, a defeat that would be hard for the PSOE at the national level.

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