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Former US President Donald Trump, charged in the case of an irregular payment to porn actress Stormy Daniels, will travel on Monday from Miami to New York to appear before the judge on Tuesday afternoon, CNN reported Friday.

Specifically, his appointment with the judge will be at 14:15 p.m. local time, a hearing that has generated enormous expectation and for that reason the court has canceled other less important ones to avoid the transit of people on foot in the building for security reasons.

Various media have assured that the list of charges that the judge will communicate to him – and that have not yet been made public – is more than thirty, all related to the payment to Daniels of $ 130,000 (120,000 euros) and the possible dissimulation of that amount as electoral expenses.

The weekend, Trump will spend it in his mansion of Mar-a-Lago, where he has been for months and where yesterday, after knowing his accusation, he went out to dinner with his wife Melania in an apparent picture of normality, according to images collected by the New York Post.

Today his lawyer Joe Tacopina clarified that Trump will not be handcuffed in the brief journey between the prosecutor's office and that of Judge Juan Manuel Merchan, and this despite the fact that many "want him to be walked" by the police. He has also specified that he will not plead guilty and has chosen to go to trial.

What seems inescapable for Trump, as in the case of any defendant to whom the charges are read, is the process of "signing": fingerprinting and photographing from the front and profile.

Trump has not remained silent today: in addition to posting on his Truth Social network the testimony of many Republicans who support him, he charged against Judge Merchan who is handling his case, saying that he "hates" him and that he has actually been placed there by Manhattan prosecutor Alvin Bragg, against whom he has a kind of personal crusade.

It was feared that Trump's indictment would cause his supporters to take to the streets, but in New York none has been seen so far and only a few dozen around Mar-a-Lago with banners and American flags, specifically on the bridge that connects Palm Beach with the mainland.

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