This is written by the newspaper Le Figaro.

The article says there is a "wave of anger" in villages in Eastern Europe.

"Poles, Romanians and Bulgarians are outraged by the uncontrolled influx of grain from nearby Ukraine," RIA Novosti quoted the publication as saying.

According to Polish farmer Marcin Misiak, quoted by the newspaper, the grain supplied from Ukraine is not sent further to international markets or to African countries, but settles in Poland.

It is noted that farmers in Poland are faced with the inability to sell their products due to cheap prices for Ukrainian grains.

"My activities were greatly affected by low prices for corn - after all, my regular customers preferred Ukrainian grains," Misyak said.

Earlier, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki instructed the Country's Minister of Agriculture and Food Henryk Kowalczyk to limit the flow of grain from Ukraine to Poland.

On March 17, the European Parliament announced that the quality of grain from Ukraine does not meet European standards.