It was just before 16pm on Wednesday that emergency services were alerted to the fire at the industrial property.

– We initially have a tractor that has started to burn inside the premises, then we have spread further in the property, says Rickard Nilsson, management operator at the rescue service Syd.

Krafig smoke in Vellinge

According to the emergency services, the fire has spread up to the roof and the smoke development is great. Emergency services are now working to bring the fire under control.

– There are a larger number of rescue resources on site, there are several municipalities that cooperate, says Rickard Nilsson.

The building that burns is about 30 by 70 meters, according to TT

No person should have been injured, but a VMA has been issued in the central parts of Vellinge municipality. Everyone in the area is encouraged to go indoors and close doors, windows and ventilation.

The fire spread to the building's structure, causing heavy smoke to develop. Photo: Johan Nilsson/TT