【During the same period】Taiwanese youth Tsai Zhiguang

I would feel that young people in Taiwan are coming (to the mainland), really to come and see, you must see a situation on the actual side, not to listen to what people say in Taiwan, and then you are afraid. Just like I open a milk tea shop now, maybe open five or six stores in Taiwan, seven or eight stores feel very good, but open five or six stores here, in fact, people can't see it at all, you think about how big the market is, and I'm just in Huizhou.

【Commentary】In the core business circle of Huizhou, Guangdong, the "Wuyi's" tea set founded by Cai Zhiguang has attracted many tea lovers. This new tea shop focusing on "single tea" uses alpine raw leaf tea to blend tea drinks, and orders are placed online and offline every day with more than 100 orders.

【During the same period】Taiwanese youth Tsai Zhiguang

I go back to Taiwan, my classmates will take me to different tea shops to try, everyone's most popular sales are also single-taste tea, I think the future mainland market, will eventually return to the essence (tea base) problem, you say learn from it, of course, I think this is a direction for me to be firm.

In 2010, Tsai Zhiguang was also a professional manager of a printing company in Taiwan, and he voluntarily resigned because he wanted to create a career that he would not regret.

【During the same period】Taiwanese youth Tsai Zhiguang

I also want to give myself a chance, that is, try to break through my existing situation, because maybe I am an uneasy person in the world, just want to try differently, so I went to Shenzhen to learn this part of the tea market.

【Commentary】After 5 years of hard work in Shenzhen, Cai Zhiguang opened a tea shop in Huizhou. Huizhou is an important node city in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, bordering Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Dongguan, adjacent to Hong Kong, and at the intersection of Hakka, Cantonese and Chaoshan cultures, where various cultures blend and eclectic.

【During the same period】Taiwanese youth Tsai Zhiguang

I remember the first day I came, in fact, I liked the city of Huizhou, I think the cultural heritage of Huizhou is what I like, so I settled directly here, my wife and my children all moved over, including my two children are studying in Huizhou now.

【Commentary】In Huizhou, many young people know "Wuyi" through a cup of jasmine white green tea. This is a single tea combining Taiwanese green tea and Guangxi jasmine, which tastes fresh and elegant.

Cai Zhiguang told reporters that the partners of "Wuyi" often serve tea to customers at the door of the store, and thus have gained many loyal tea friends. Whenever a new product is launched, he invites them to do a review in advance.

【During the same period】Taiwanese youth Tsai Zhiguang

We have many guests are you don't ask me to drink milk tea, I don't drink milk tea, when we serve tea to invite him to drink, a very simple cup of our little white green tea, he will think how to be tea, how to drink this tea will be sweet. His understanding of (milk tea) may have been completely different from what it is now, so what I hope more is to make the purest thing delicious, and then give it to everyone, especially the part of this single tea.

【Commentary】In 2021, Cai Zhiguang also cooperated with some established enterprises in Huizhou to combine Hakka tofu flowers from Luofu Mountain, Huizhou with drinks. For future development plans, Cai Zhiguang frankly said that he will continue to take root in Huizhou and bring "Wuyi" to other cities in Guangdong and even outside the province.

【During the same period】Taiwanese youth Tsai Zhiguang

We now have 5 stores in Huizhou, we can't say what a brand to make a century-old enterprise, or how, but I can only say that we do our own thing, and then find a way to do the part we can do slowly stacked up, so that the atmosphere is what I like, and then there is what I just said, in fact, we are all rooted here now, then I still hope that (milk tea shop brand) can become a relatively long-term career for me to develop.

Reporting by Wei Jeff Sun Qiuxia in Huizhou, Guangdong

Responsible Editor: [Luo Pan]