Russian President Vladimir Putin, who continues his military invasion of Ukraine, announced his policy of deploying tactical nuclear weapons in neighboring Belarus, and the Belarusian Foreign Ministry also expressed its acceptance as necessary for its own security.
The UN Security Council has decided to hold an emergency meeting on the 31st, raising concerns about Russia's moves over nuclear weapons.

Russian President Vladimir Putin revealed his policy of deploying tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus, which is an ally, in an interview published on the 25th.

The Belarusian Foreign Ministry also issued a statement on the 28th in response to a question from Russia's state-run TASS news agency, arguing that tactical nuclear weapons are necessary to strengthen the country's security and defense capabilities and do not violate the NPT = Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, and expressed its acceptance of the deployment.

The UN Security Council decided to hold an emergency meeting on the 31st in response to the request of the Ukrainian side, which strongly objected to the act as a new provocation.

In addition, US President Biden said on the 28th, "I am concerned about this dangerous story," and concerns about Russia's nuclear moves are increasing.

Under these circumstances, a senior U.S. government official announced on the 28th that Russia has decided to suspend the provision of information on strategic nuclear weapons due to Russia's non-compliance with the nuclear disarmament treaty "New START" with Russia.

The United States and Russia exchange information twice a year in accordance with the treaty about the number and location of nuclear warheads deployed by each other, but last month Russia unilaterally announced that it would suspend implementation, and the United States said that it "decided to do the same because Russia refused to comply with the treaty."