It is in Hammar in Ånge municipality that the extremely spacious villa with its 35 rooms can be found. It has been cold for the past ten years, and before that the house was only used as a summer residence for a foreign couple.

"It's their son who has now chosen to sell the house with fixtures and everything, those who previously lived there loved to go to a market for a flea market," says broker Andreas Bergström.

The cabinetmaking was closed down

In the beginning, the main building was used as a retirement home. On the plot there is another large house of 600 square meters.

Photo: Ylva Holmgren/SVT

It was a cabinetmaking business 20 years ago that was closed down and, according to the broker, is not safe to move around in and is in greater need of renovation. Andreas Bergström's theory when it comes to the older houses he sells is that generational change is the cause.

"They may be that there are many who have lived for a long time and had houses for a long time, that it is a generational change where children and grandchildren do not want to take over," says Andreas Bergström.

Join us in the villas in the clip.