The general strike that risked crippling Israel completely, with banks, ports and shops shut down, was blown off after Netanyahu's speech on Monday night. The Prime Minister then confirmed that he is taking a break in trying to get justice reform through.

"It's been an incredibly dramatic few days in Israel. This weekend the biggest protests ever and we have seen widespread protests for three months," said Samir Abu Eid.

Wants to engage in dialogue with the opposition

The signal from Netanyahu is that the situation needs to be calmed down, he says he wants to have a dialogue with the opposition and reach a broad agreement. Whether that will calm the protesters remains to be seen.

Criticism of judicial reform, which gives parliament more power at the expense of the courts, has grown in scope. Even elements of the military have opposed the change.

"Parts of the armed forces, including reservists, have said they do not intend to show up for exercises. It involves hundreds of fighter pilots. This has shaken up the government and the armed forces, says SVT's correspondent.

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There are massive protests going on in Israel – the reason being a criticized bill that would, among other things, protect the corruption-accused Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from being ousted. Photo: AP Photo/Ohad Zwigenberg