• Ukrainian War Zelenskiy Makes Surprise Visit to Troops on Zaporizhia Front

Germany and Britain have delivered Western-made heavy tanks to Ukraine that should bolster the ability of Kiev's troops to repel Russia's invading forces, officials said Monday.

These tanks, on Kiev's long-standing wish list, were compromised by Western countries this year and arrive in time for Ukraine's long-awaited offensive in the spring.

In parallel to the reinforcement of the Ukrainian arsenal, Russia clings to the plan of its president, Vladimir Putin, to deploy tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus, Moscow's ally in northern Ukraine, despite criticism.

German Prime Minister Olaf Scholz told reporters on Monday that they had supplied "very modern" Leopard battle tanks to Kiev. The Ministry of Defense later indicated that 18 units were sent.

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Russia launches 15 drones against Ukraine, which shoots down 14

The Russian army launched 15 drones against the territory of Ukraine last night, whose air defenses managed to shoot down 14 of those devices, according to the Ukrainian Armed Forces on its Facebook account.

"At night, the enemy deployed 15 Shahed-136 drones to carry out airstrikes. 14 of them were destroyed by our military," reads the Ukrainian army.

Earlier, the Ukrainian Air Force had reported that Shahed drones were launched from northern and southeastern Ukraine.

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UN will not investigate explosions at Nord Stream pipelines

The United Nations Security Council on Monday rejected Russia's request to investigate explosions in pipelines that cross the Baltic Sea and carry natural gas from Russia to Europe.

Russia, China and Brazil voted in favor of Moscow's request, but the other Security Council members abstained or said a new probe was unnecessary.

For the Security Council to adopt a resolution, at least nine votes out of its 15 members are required, and none of the permanent members - the United States, Russia, China, Britain and France - to issue a veto.

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