The Ukrainian troops are flown in from different corners of Europe where they have taken refuge from the war. Inna Kozub and sister Olena Vansovich, along with a teenage daughter who also plays in the team, have traveled from German Munich.

Everyone has played ice hockey in their home country before, and played bandy in Ukraine even before the war broke out, but then with completely different conditions and on a completely different track.

"It's very different, more than we thought. We haven't seen the other teams play, but we will do our best, says Anastasia Vansovich when SVT meets her in connection with training on Tuesday.

The team reunites in Åby

Ukraine, who play in the B tournament, will face Switzerland on Wednesday morning, and although the team is betting on winning, other things are more important.

"We're obviously here to win, but we're so happy to be here and get to see the team again and be together," Kozub says.

"When we're here, I forget what happened. All the friends are here and I feel like I traveled from Ukraine in peacetime. It's a great feeling and also to be able to represent Ukraine, it's especially important now.