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Anti-wrinkle creams, eye contours, lifting effect serums, anti-cellulite, food supplements with extra vitamins that help us maintain energy throughout the day ... We like to take care of ourselves, inside and out, but choosing cosmetics and products with which to fill the toiletry bag is not easy.

Not finding the right treatments can cause skin problems or intensify those we already have. The health of our skin can be affected by many factors, such as hormonal changes, genetics, poor diet, sun exposure, cold...

And therefore, it is convenient to look with a magnifying glass at the ingredients and formulations of the cosmetics we use. To help you, in BAZAR we have made a selection of perfect products to include in your suitcase this Easter.

Nine proposals from Laboratorios Phergal, a dermopharmaceutical brand whose formulations are based on botanical and natural extracts that seek maximum effectiveness. Thus, they manage to reduce the allergic potential and increase the effectiveness. Its team consists of pharmacists, dermatologists, chemists, nutritionists, engineers and biologists. In addition, all these products have a very good rating on Amazon, accumulating even more than 2,000 reviews.


The E'lifexir line has three proposals (flat stomach, anti-cellulite and fat burner) that sweep Amazon, and not only because of the comments or positive evaluations: in 2021 it was the best-selling brand in anti-cellulite in Spain, according to IQVIA. Here we have the first of the three star reducing creams. It is a powerful fast-absorbing fat burning emulsion that helps combat flaccidity in the abdominal area, reducing localized fat and stretch marks.

Its formulation has an innovative biotechnological active CoA, which enhances the passage of fatty acids to the mitochondria for combustion, thus helping to accelerate fat burning.

For its part, purified Centella asiatica extract stimulates collagen synthesis by firming and toning the belly, while exerting an anti-stretch mark action. In addition, it improves microcirculation and exerts a powerful antioxidant and protective effect when formulated with Escin, Barley and Polyporus Extracts.

It must be applied in the morning and evening, extending it with a massage with the palm of the hand in the clockwise direction and with circular movements, until completely absorbed. Of course, miracles do not exist, so it should be noted that these types of creams are a great help, but always combining them with exercise and a healthy diet.

You can buy it here for 9.79 euros (29% discount).

E'LIFEXIR minucell

It is a fast-absorbing emulsion that helps reduce cellulite and orange peel. The results are visible in 14 days and also works to stop the appearance of stretch marks.

Its high-penetration liposomes reach the deepest layers and exert a powerful anti-cellulite action. It is formulated with venotonic actives such as ruscus, ivy and escin, which improve microcirculation by eliminating retained liquids.

Thanks to its active Phytosphingosine, it reinforces the barrier function of the skin and prevents the loss of hydration, thus helping the skin to recover its vitality and firmness. In addition, it helps reduce and prevent stretch marks.

It must be applied morning and night with an intense massage in the areas to be treated, such as buttocks, legs or hips, affecting the marked nodules. As in the previous case, it is important to combine it with a healthy diet and exercise.

You can buy it here for 9.29 euros (32% discount).

Elifexir Nocturslim

The last of this famous trio. It is a fat burning cream that helps in the combustion of excess lipids and fats. It must be used before going to sleep because it acts by reducing the release of nocturnin thus favoring the combustion of fats.

It contains Noctur PK Burner, an intensive biotechnological fat-burning active and contains fruit water from cherries, a powerful drainer that favors the elimination of toxins and liquids.

It is formulated with Creatine, which protects cells against oxidative stress, increasing protein synthesis and DNA repair. Thus, it provides long-term protection against premature aging of skin cells.

It is very moisturizing, so it will also help you restore the skin's natural elisticity. It must be applied at night with a circular massage in the areas to be treated.

You can buy it here for 11.69 euros (32% discount).

Anti-aging and volumizing treatment lips

Volumax Triactive is a two-step treatment that in less than a month makes the lips look more hydrated, smooth and with volume. In addition, it is the first dermocosmetic line for the care and volume of the lips.

Thanks to Pal-GHK, the production of collagen and glycosaminoglycans is stimulated, which helps to increase volume and reduce surface lines.

In addition, its formulation also acts as a protective barrier against external agents such as sun, cold or wind, preventing the appearance of wrinkles.

In the morning you should apply the stick to nourish and protect the lips and before sleeping you have to massage the lips with the balm to repair them.

You can buy it here for 12.79 euros (16% discount).

Resalim PLUS - Food Supplement

Resalim Plus is a food supplement that helps metabolize beverages and foods. In the words of users who already have it, "Perfect for post days of excesses". These capsules, which are a boost to recover energy and vitality, also contribute to good metabolism thanks to vitamin B1.

It has pineapple extract that improves digestion and reduces inflammation; artichoke extract that decreases headache; blackcurrant extract that contributes to less dehydration; and vitamin B6 that helps with tiredness and fatigue.

You can buy it here for 6.39 euros (38% discount).

Anti-aging revitalizing facial serum

This youth reactivating serum is based on Korean cosmetics. It is formulated with powerful bioferments, such as organic golden millet (postbiotic that strengthens the skin and its microbiome) and Skin Boosters, such as the millenary Mushroom Ganoderma Lucidum, better known as the mushroom of eternal youth, Reishi, which reactivates the accumulation of collagen and strengthens the dermis.

Thus, it manages to improve the loss of luminosity, texture and irregular skin tone, pigmentation, redness, enlarged pores, fine lines, wrinkles and loss of firmness.

It also contains hyaluronic acid for elastic and hydrated skin; Fucocert®, which exerts a calming action; and Ecoskin®, which increases the biological defenses, nutrition and softness of the skin.

It also works as a highlighter, reduces blemishes and pores, reduces fatigue and wrinkles and provides vitality. You have to apply it at night with a clean face and prior to the rest of the products of your night routine. Apply two or three pulses and spread it well on the face, neck and décolleté with gentle massages.

You can buy it here for 29.99 euros (33% discount).

Anti-Aging Moisturizer with Atashi Color

The DD Cream Anti-aging is designed with an exclusive formulation that stimulates the protective barrier of the skin slowing down skin aging. It minimizes pores, attenuates stains and provides a radiant golden tone, returning lost luminosity.

Its formula with gardenia jasminoid increases collagen production by 33% and restores the cell matrix; Spilanthol 50 reduces the size of wrinkles by 16% due to its immediate lifting effect; and reduces wrinkles thanks to retinol liposomes and vitamins C and E.

In addition, its exclusive active ingredient Dermosens favors the release of neurotransmitters involved in relaxation and comfort of the existing nerve endings to the surface, so it helps relaxation, like the black pearl, which stimulates skin defenses.

It also has 15 sun protection and ultra-intense micropigments that sublimate the skin instantly, eliminating imperfections and giving luminosity. An 8 in 1 treatment that has very good ratings.

You can choose between two options, as it provides some color: light nude and tan (beige nude).

You can buy here the tan tone (beige nude) for 21.23 euros (20% discount).

You can buy here the light nude for 23.59 euros (23% discount).

Eye contour anti-fatigue illuminating lifting

With this eye contour of Atashi the bags are attenuated and the dark circles are blurred instantly. The skin tightens instantly and expression wrinkles are attenuated and smoothed.

Native Edelweiss cells with leontopodic acid reactivate skin cell regeneration and architecture; the active extract of magnolia and grape reduces cell damage so that the skin regains its youthful appearance and without redness; and leontopodic acid tightens the skin by up to 84%, reducing expression wrinkles.

It must be applied daily around the eyes with a slow and circular massage. Finish exerting light pressure with the fingertips until completely absorbed.

You can buy it here for 24.98 euros (33% discount).

K-Bioferment Therapy Cream

This anti-aging day cream is a multi-correcting revitalizing treatment for skin with little rest and subjected to a lot of stress.

It is based on Korean cosmetics and formulated with powerful bioferments, such as organic golden millet, postbiotic that strengthens the skin and its microbiome; Skin Boosters with Ganoderma Lucidum, a fungus that reactivates the accumulation of collagen; hyaluronic acid, for elastic and hydrated skin; red algae extract, which acts as a natural screen for photoaging; and Vitamins C, E, CoQ10, as powerful antioxidants and energizers. In addition, it also helps to minimize pores and reduce stains.

You should apply it with a clean face, spreading it well on the skin with gentle massages. It has an immediate flash effect for a soft, smooth and luminous complexion, so it is perfect as a pre-base before makeup.

You can buy it here 20.49 euros (33% discount).

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