"It's a major restriction on a person's freedom of movement. Both according to the form of government and according to the European Convention on Human Rights, you should be allowed to move freely. Therefore, you need to think about whether it is necessary to have an access ban, says Emma Berge, the prosecutor in Växjö.

The interest organization Svensk handel thinks that the law on access bans to stores is applied too rarely.

Between 1 March 2021, when the law came into force, until 1 February 2023, there have been 959 cases involving a ban on access to shops throughout the country and 535 were granted.

Can have major consequences

Prosecutor Emma Berge sees that access bans can have major consequences and she therefore thinks it is important that this type of decision is not taken too lightly.

"For example, if you live in a small town with a grocery store and get a ban on access to it. Where should you buy your food if you do not have access to a car? It can have very big consequences," she says.

In the clip, prosecutors answer three questions about the access ban.