Jacques Serais 06:46, March 28, 2023

Emmanuel Macron meets the government in the council of ministers this Tuesday at 10 am at the Elysee. At the same time, the France is experiencing its tenth day of mobilization against the pension reform. The head of state says he wants to reach out to the trade union forces. However, if the executive advocates appeasement, the President continues to attack Les Insoumis.

Is it the strategy of rot? It's partly assumed! "Disorder can totally change the terms of the debate and change public opinion," said a Macronist strategist. Emmanuel Macron does not deprive himself and targets his opponents without reservation, La France insoumise, although the social climate is deleterious.

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The head of state is angry with the far left

Last week, he forcefully attacked the protesters. "The crowd that demonstrates has no legitimacy in the face of the people who express themselves through their elected representatives," he said, without filter. Far from appeasing the resentment of opponents of the pension reform, this statement may have exacerbated the anger of the street.

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It does not matter for the President who makes the choice, once again on the eve of a day of mobilization, to be offensive. Monday at the Elysee, during a lunch alongside ministers and executives of Macronia, the head of state was angry against the far left. "There is a real political project led by the Insoumis," he said. "They are trying to delegitimize the reasonable order, our institutions, its tools..." Enough to infuriate the supporters of Jean-Luc Mélenchon, a good part of whom voted for him in the second round of the presidential election.