Chloé Lagadou, edited by Yanis Darras 07h51, March 28, 2023

A few hours before the departure of the procession against the pension reform in Paris, shopkeepers are busy protecting their windows. While some cover their storefronts with wooden plates, others try to clean the streets to limit the damage on the occasion of this tenth day of mobilization.

For the tenth day of mobilization against the pension reform, the authorities fear the worst. Faced with the risk of major excesses, especially in Paris where nearly 1,000 thugs could blend into the crowd, an unprecedented device will be put in place. Nearly 13,000 police and gendarmes will be mobilized throughout France, half of them in the capital.

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"It's costing us"

So, on the route of the Parisian demonstration that will start from the Place de la République to the Place de la Nation, traders are organizing to protect their windows. In front of Cathy's real estate agency, workers install large wooden panels, in fear of possible overflows.

"We're really scared. But it costs us a lot to do that, "says the director at the microphone of Europe 1. "There are at least 2,000 euros because wood is expensive. And they have half a day's work. Especially since we will have to dismantle afterwards, "she continues.

Take precautions

Especially since the neighborhood has already suffered. So Christian will also barricade his DIY shop. "A year ago, they broke all the windows and doors. And all the products were stolen. Of course, we must be heard, but we do not have to break. Because behind us is our livelihood," he continues.

And, even if precautions have been taken by the municipality, with the preventive collection of garbage, all traders remain suspicious. It doesn't take much for it to ignite," Patrick said. So, "I pick up stuff lying around, which could be projectiles and I'm going to put it at home, in the trash. But I think that's all we can do," he said.