According to the website of the Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of Public Security recently issued the "Three-Year Action Plan for Strengthening the Work of Public Security Police Stations in the New Era (3-28)" (hereinafter referred to as the "Action Plan"), firmly establishing a clear orientation of grasping the grassroots and the foundation, continuing to promote the downward shift of the center of gravity, the sinking of police forces, and the downward tilt of guarantees, and making every effort to consolidate the grassroots foundation for national security and social stability.

The Action Plan is clear, insisting on placing the work of police stations in a strategic and basic position, firmly grasping the general requirements of loyalty to the party, serving the people, impartial law enforcement, and strict discipline, closely centering on the overall idea of strengthening grassroots organizations, basic work, and basic capacity building, taking the implementation of the standardization of police station work as the driving force, adhering to categorical guidance, practical combat orientation, preventive policing, and scientific and technological support, and organizing and implementing the three major actions of grassroots promotion, basic quality improvement, and basic capacity improvement. Through three years of unremitting efforts, we will further enhance the strength of police stations, stimulate vitality, and enhance combat effectiveness, and by 2025, achieve the work goals of solid foundation, few accidents, good public order, and satisfaction of the party and the people at a higher level.

The Action Plan calls for grassroots uplift actions. It is necessary to persist in placing the strengthening of police station work in the overall situation of comprehensively deepening public security reform, make overall plans and promote implementation, adopt more powerful policies and measures, further enhance the strength of police stations, and create a new ecology of police station work with vitality. It is necessary to strengthen the standardization and standardization of party branches in police stations, adhere to the principle of "building branches on top of police stations", improve the political functions and organizational strength of party branches of police stations, and better play the role of party branches of police stations as fighting fortresses. It is necessary to further optimize the distribution of police forces, further promote the sinking of police forces of city and county public security organs to police stations, and the police force of police stations to the community, fully implement the requirement of "two 40% or more" in police stations and community people's police forces, and encourage the implementation of "two 50% or more" in municipal district public security sub-bureaus. It is necessary to comprehensively deepen the reform of "two teams and one room", establish and improve norms for community policing, case handling and comprehensive command work around the implementation of the responsibility system, solidify and improve the police operation mechanism in which the two teams coordinate with each other and one room supports the two teams, and improve the duty preparation system. It is necessary to promote the "one village (grid) and one police" to achieve full coverage by the end of 2025. It is necessary to activate urban and rural community policing teams, develop and strengthen the mass prevention and mass management forces, improve the organization of urban and rural (community) security committees in accordance with the law, actively cultivate "volunteer police" and other security social organizations, and promote the red, organized, informational, and young mass prevention and mass management forces. It is necessary to improve the efficiency of coordinated handling of police situations, establish and improve the efficient docking and linkage mechanism between the 110 alarm service desk and the 12345 government service convenience hotline, scientifically deploy a social patrol prevention and control network, and strengthen the service support for police stations in handling police situations. It is necessary to improve the implementation of standards for funding, equipment, and infrastructure support, and promote the implementation of measures to love the police and warm the police. It is necessary to improve the rating system of police stations and the naming standards for "Fengqiao-style public security police stations", and build more high-grade, Fengqiao-type police stations. It is necessary to actively integrate into grassroots social governance, strengthen coordination and cooperation under the leadership of party committees and governments, promote the implementation of regulatory responsibilities and main responsibilities, and promote joint management of problems, work linkage, and safety and joint innovation.

The Action Plan calls for the implementation of basic quality improvement actions. It is necessary to firmly establish the concept of main defense, promote preventive policing, effectively reduce the police situation, control the occurrence of cases, eliminate hidden dangers, and realize a virtuous circle of social security. It is necessary to establish and improve the mechanism for normalizing the investigation of hidden risks, and implement prevention and control measures by level and classification. It is necessary to strengthen the protection of minors and intervene and correct negative conduct, establish and complete systems for lawfully submitting public security suggestions to units that have not fulfilled their duties such as education, management, rescue, and care of minors, strengthen the selection, management, and use of police officers in police stations to serve as vice principals for rule of law in primary and secondary schools, and periodically carry out education on the rule of law, safety, and crime prevention for students. It is necessary to complete the implementation of the system of warning and handling of domestic violence, and in combination with work such as receiving police, investigating and handling cases, and stationing in the community, intervene in family conflicts and emotional disputes in accordance with the law, promptly discover and warn, and resolve multiple mediations, and strictly prevent intensification and escalation. It is necessary to deepen the "one million police into ten million homes" activity, widely carry out mass publicity actions with the theme of preventing theft, deception, poison, contradictions and disputes, and preventing safety disasters and accidents, and promote the construction of safe communities. It is necessary to normalize governance and repeat the alarm. It is necessary to promptly investigate and deal with small cases related to the vital interests of the masses and people's livelihood, establish a system of points for handling cases by police stations and individual police officers, promote the rapid handling of more cases such as embezzlement, injury, picking quarrels and provoking troubles in jurisdictions, and regularly investigate and rectify public order disorder and highlight public security problems. It is necessary to organize and carry out activities of "investigation, reform, and evaluation" of law enforcement quality, strengthen internal law enforcement supervision and management, and improve the level of ability to standardize law enforcement. It is necessary to carry out in depth the "I do practical things for the masses" activity, focus on the urgent problems of the masses, provide public security services to the greatest extent, so that the people in need always feel that the people's police are by their side and guard the hearts of the people. It is necessary to establish and improve the main defense evaluation system of police stations, and promote the implementation of active policing and preventive policing.

The Action Plan calls for the implementation of basic capacity development actions. It is necessary to persistently regard the training of people's police and the cultivation of work style as an important starting point for the construction of the police station's contingent, strengthen ideological tempering, political experience, practical training, and professional training, and continuously improve the "four capabilities" of police in police station to resolve contradictions, control key elements, handle police cases, and mass work. It is necessary to build a lifeline project for ideological and political work, strengthen education on loyalty, purpose, and tradition, and train more outstanding police officers in police stations who are rooted in the grassroots, love and dedicate to their jobs, faithfully perform their duties, and are deeply trusted by the people. It is necessary to improve and improve the work training system of police stations, organize professional skills training competitions for civilian auxiliary police in police stations, and carry out activities to select professional experts for civilian auxiliary police posts in police stations. It is necessary to implement the mechanism for police departments to support police stations, clarify response procedures and time limits, strengthen support for police situation handling, basic control and case handling in police stations, and promote the formation of a support system in which organs revolve around the grassroots level. It is necessary to promote the actual combat of digitalization to empower police stations and improve the level of intelligent policing in police stations. It is necessary to anchor the "four iron general" standards, strengthen the fighting spirit and fighting ability of the police in police stations, improve and improve the normalized supervision and management mechanism, and build a police station team that is satisfactory to the party and the people.