Alexandre Dalifard 19:00 pm, March 28, 2023

In recent years, more and more French people have changed their way of consuming and turned to vegan food. But it's not always easy for chocolate lovers who struggle to find good products. As Easter approaches, discover the solutions presented in "Benefit for you".

Eating vegan chocolate at Easter? And why not? On April 9, the great egg hunt returns to the delight of children. But this holiday also appeals to adults and especially chocolate lovers. Unfortunately, for vegans, it is not always easy to find a good product. Because even if dark chocolate moldings are naturally vegan, often fried or pralines are made with cream or butter. For the occasion, columnist Amélie Escourrou, guest in Bienfait pour vous, presents these new products imagined by creative chocolatiers.

From a new chocolate factory to the Meilleur Ouvrier de France

Things are changing. While there were not many women in the field, Jade Genin has just opened a chocolate factory on Avenue de l'Opéra in Paris. In her shop, resembling a jewelry store, she makes it her mission to make chocolates as simple and natural as possible. "Pralines are made without animal matter because there is no need for additions when you already have the fat and taste of dried fruit as well as the gourmet side of chocolate. For me, there is only need for these two ingredients. Eventually, they are infused with products such as chamomile, tamarind or jasmine. But otherwise, we have no other additions of products, "reveals the chocolatier interviewed by Amélie Escourrou. In terms of sugar, Jade Genin uses only unrefined because "it is a much sweeter sweetness and attacks the palate less than white sugar".

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This vegan trend has even ended up affecting the greatest chocolatiers. Le Meilleur ouvrier de France Nicolas Cloiseau, from La Maison du chocolat, offers dark chocolate castings and all-vegan fried foods. A little more for these products, they can be delivered anywhere in France. "Often, chocolatiers do not want to send the casts to Easter because there is a risk of breakage," says the columnist. Nicolas Cloiseau goes even further by offering ganaches for vegans. "Instead of cream, the chocolatier puts fruit juice. It's a very good way to eat chocolate while having the feeling of doing a detox, "admits Amélie Escourrou at the microphone of Julie Vignali and Mélanie Gomez.

What about milk chocolate?

But Easter is above all a holiday for children fond of milk chocolate. And here too, there is a solution. "Now we find it with vegetable milk. For example, Lindt's Golden Rabbit now exists in a vegan version," she reports. "This one is made with almond and oat milk and is accompanied by small eggs filled with hazelnut cream," notes the columnist. Note that this product is not available in supermarkets but only on the internet and in vegan grocery stores.