The boys, who are also suspected of serious weapons offences, are now being charged at Södertörn District Court after two shootings at a property in Gubbängen on December 28. At the first opportunity, the façade of the property was shelled. Later that evening, a large number of shots were fired with automatic weapons that went through the door of the apartment. An elderly man lives in the apartment and, according to the investigation, the assailants shot at the wrong door.

Shortly thereafter, one of the 15-year-olds was arrested along with a 14-year-old boy who is also suspected of being involved in the events. He has been taken into custody by social services as he is not of legal age. At the time, he and one of the 15-year-old boys were on the run from an HVB home. The other suspected 15-year-old was also on the run, but away from home.

"It is worrying that these are such young perpetrators and that they are carrying out this type of act," says prosecutor Karin Hammar.

Already charged with robbery

The two 15-year-olds were recently charged along with an 18-year-old man with a robbery that occurred a couple of days before the shootings in Gubbängen. There, a boy was robbed in Hagsätra by several masked assailants who threatened him with a gun-like object and punched him in the face. Surveillance footage from the subway shows the suspects before and after the robbery, according to the indictment. The 14-year-old boy also allegedly participated in the robbery.

Many detained but first indictment

The shootings in Gubbängen occurred at the beginning of the wave of violence that has been going on since the Christmas holidays in the Stockholm area with a large number of blasts and shootings in which several people have also been killed. Today's indictment is the first for any of the violent incidents, but according to the Stockholm police, last week 78 people were detained on suspicion of involvement in the acts that have taken place since Christmas Day. Many of the detainees are also under the age of 18, according to police.

In the interrogations surrounding the robbery, several of the boys are asked if they committed the crimes of their own free will or live under threat. The questions are answered in the negative or with no comments.