Congo-B: ban on the meeting of an opposition party, which denounces an attack on democracy

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In Congo-Brazzaville, the ban on a meeting of the Republican Movement (MR), scheduled for Sunday, March 26, 2023 in the capital, is causing frustration in this party claiming to be in the opposition. Its leader, Destin Gavet, explains that the MR wanted to take the opportunity to pay tribute to several great Congolese figures who died during the months of March.


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With our correspondent in Brazzaville, Loïcia Martial

The Republican Movement (MR), a young political party in Congo-B that claims to be in opposition, was unable to hold a meeting on March 26 in the capital, after a ban by the prefectural authorities of Brazzaville. This party denounces an attack on democracy.

The leaders of the MR and their militants had met at the Hugos stadium, in the bustling district of Bacongo, in the south of the capital. Their leader, Destin Gavet, explains the messages they wanted to convey.

« March is a sad month for our country's political history»


It's March, and it's a sad month for our country's political history," he said. Because in March 1977, we lost a sitting president, in this case Marien Ngouabi. We have lost a former President of the Republic, Alphonse Massamba-Débat. We have lost Cardinal Emile Biayenda.


Destin Gavet continues: "And, just recently, we lost Guy-Brice Parfait Kolélas, the main opponent of President Denis Sassou-Nguesso in the 2021 presidential election. It was an opportunity for us to pay tribute to these great men and the fight they fought.


Destin Gavet and his family say they are "frustrated" by the ban issued by the prefectural authorities. They recall that the freedom to demonstrate is guaranteed by the Congolese constitution.

In its letter of prohibition that RFI was able to consult, the prefecture of Brazzaville claims to have irrefutable elements that "demonstrate that the meeting was likely, not only to damage the social fabric, but also to disturb public tranquility".

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