The broadcast by a satellite station in Iraq of a television series entitled "Al-Kasir" in the first days of Ramadan sparked controversy on social media platforms, as critics saw it as harming the traditions of the authentic tribes, and official authorities intervened to stop it.

It narrates the events of the series "Alkasir", which airs on the station "U. Ti. The local UTV, starring Iraqi artist Ghaleb Jawad, is part of tribal conflicts and revenge crimes in the south of the country, which some Iraqis considered an insult to the customs and traditions of Iraqi tribes.

What is the thing that brought down the tears of Alkaser ?#مسلسل_الكاسر #Ramadan_Sawa #UTV_Iraq

— Utv (@UtvIraq) March 27, 2023

Iraqi tweeters denounced the filming of dramas that show the southern society as bloody and chaotic, and does not obey the laws of the state and rebel against them, in order to achieve its gains and extend its influence, amid demands to prosecute the producers of the series.

On the other hand, bloggers believe that the attack on the events of the series is illogical, especially since the southern regions of Iraq are constantly witnessing bloody tribal conflicts, while a large part of their citizens live below the poverty line.

Controversy and interference

Meanwhile, parliamentary, political and tribal circles entered the line of controversy raised over the Ramadan series, as parliamentary bodies demanded to stop its broadcast and prevent its presentation through all available means.

— Mustafa Jabbar Sanad (@m_j_sanad) March 24, 2023

In the first parliamentary position, MP Mustafa Jabbar Sanad called on the Iraqi Media and Communications Commission to stop showing the series, considering that its events are wrong, distort the facts and offend the southern society and its tribes, according to what he posted on his Twitter account.

The Sadiqoun parliamentary bloc, affiliated with Asaib Ahl al-Haq, addressed the Media and Communications Commission to confirm the decision to withdraw the license of the channel "U. Ti. In the wake of "the abuse issued by the channel against the people of the south" through the series "Al-Kasir".

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The parliamentary #الصادقون bloc addresses the Media and Communications Commission to confirm the decision to withdraw the license of the channel (UTV) after the abuse issued by the channel against the people of the south through the series (Al-Kasir)

— Adnan Faihan Al-Dulaimi (@AdnanFihanAl) March 26, 2023

In a related context, some tribes in southern Iraq denounced the presentation of the series, saying that it "aims to show them unruly and brutal," adding that "these actions contribute to the loss of facts and forget the honorable positions of the authentic southern tribes."

Claims received

A delegation of tribal sheikhs from southern Iraq visited the headquarters of the Media and Communications Commission on Sunday to demand an end to abuses involving southern tribes through some channels, they said.

For its part, the station "U. Ti. In a statement, she described the campaign waged by parties and personalities against her, stressing that the drama is a professional goal and not to target any category of Iraqi society.

Clarification regarding the series "#الكاسر" #UTV_Iraq

— Utv (@UtvIraq) March 25, 2023

After the series of events, the Iraqi Media and Communications Commission decided to stop broadcasting the series "Al-Kasir", and delete all its episodes from social media platforms, threatening the satellite station in the event of non-compliance with the decision to take legal action against it.

The protagonist of the series, artist Ghaleb Jawad, had said a few days before the broadcast of the series that the work does not represent any southern, northern or western party, but rather is an unrealistic rural work.