Trump said he kept all his promises from the 2016 election and that his administration accomplished more than anyone else, including tightening border controls with Mexico and leaving the Paris Agreement on climate change.

His successor Joe Biden, on the other hand, has done more damage than America's five worst presidents combined, Trump said.

He also addressed the imminent threat of an indictment against him, arguing that it is politically motivated. In the audience, placards with the word "Witch Hunt" appeared in support of this narrative.

"The Biden regime's way of using the justice system as a weapon is like taken directly from Stalinist Russia's horror show," he said, according to the New York Post.

"Put me back in the White House and the United States will once again be a free country," he said.

The meeting was held at an airport outside Waco in central Texas, known for the disastrous police operation against an armed Christian sect in the spring of 1993.

Trump's campaign management, however, denies that the choice of location for the start of the campaign has anything to do with these events.