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Agents of the National Police, in a joint operation with Customs Surveillance of the Tax Agency, have dismantled a violent group allegedly dedicated to robbery with force and robbery with violence in inhabited homes using techniques, means and special equipment, pretending to be members of the Security Forces. Five people have been arrested in Madrid and five robberies in buildings in the Community have been clarified. In one of the events they came to torture one of the inhabitants, in front of his minor children, until they obtained the money.

The investigation began last Christmas, when investigators learned of the presence of a group allegedly dedicated to home burglary. After several steps it was found that the investigated had installed a recording device - consisting of a mobile phone and an auxiliary battery - in a light box in front of a villa in order to control the movements of the inhabitants. Finally they materialized the robbery, specifically on Christmas Day, stealing more than 20,000 euros in cash.

Once all the information was collected, the investigators carried out the operational exploitation and five simultaneous entries and searches were carried out in the homes of those involved, allowing the arrest of all of them. Two pistols, a detonating pistol, a silencer, watches, jewelry, cash and false documentation were seized there. In addition, various devices used for surveillance were located, such as cameras, GPS beacons, locksmith material for opening doors, alarm inhibitors, shackles, bridles and vests of Security Forces and Bodies.

All the detainees are charged with the alleged crimes of belonging to a criminal group, robbery with force in an inhabited house, robbery with violence, illegal detention, injuries, usurpation of public functions, illegal possession of weapons, falsification of documents and crime against privacy. The investigation remains open pending the location and arrest of a sixth involved as well as to determine the origin of effects intervened in the records.

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