The city park in Luleå was filled with hundreds of joyful supporters of all ages when it was time to celebrate that Luleå Hockey / MSSK retains the title of Sweden's best team in the SDHL after five straight golds.

The hockey family Lotta and Mikael Taipalensuu have followed the team for a long time and have just moved up from Sandviken to Töre. They were there early on – and also and the dog Matti was in full supporter's mouth.

"We have followed them both at home and up here and moved up to Norrbotten on Monday just for them and hockey's sake.

Named the dog after a hockey player in Luleå

The family has also named their dog after the male hockey player Veli-Matti Ruisma who did four seasons in Luleå Hockey.

"Hockey is really important," Taipalensuu says.

Luleå Hockey/MSSK fought for a gold win when they faced Brynäs at home on March 20. Captain Jenni Hiirikoski, who was injured during the game the night before, was allowed to follow the meeting from the player booth. Today, she was on hand in the state park to celebrate the win.

"I'm really proud of the team," she said from the stage in City Park today.

In the video, you see luleå support's tears of happiness – and hear recently injured captain Jenny Hiirikoski.