Just as many other parents do, Sofie Andersson filmed her child playing and was funny. She posted the clip on social media for friends and relatives to see it.

But the response to the clip was far greater than that.

– It was picked up by "Sweden's funniest children" and ended up on TV4's Nyhetsmorgon in a selection of the year's funniest clips, says Sofie Andersson.

Many people want to see the family

After that, her Instagram account grew. Many wanted to see more clips of Emil and the rest of the family's members and animals. Today, Sofie Andersson has close to 30,000 followers.

"It's just as popular with an animal clip as an Emil clip. Many people who have had animals especially appreciate pictures and videos of the horses. But the Emil clips become more viral, says Sofie Andersson.

One of Sophie's latest clips shows his partner Gustav's disappointment when the fiber malfunctions and he does not get melodifestivalen started. There you can hear where Emil gets inspiration for his "characters" from. Both when it comes to dialect and word choice.

"Emil is not allowed to say ugly words in everyday life, but sometimes things are fucked up. We don't really have a jar of in-laws, if you say so," says mother Sofie Andersson.

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Sofie Andersson's partner Gustav would very much like to see Melodifestivalen, but the fiber is complicated. How many times can a guy say "fuck" anyway? Listen in the clip.

No influencer

She doesn't make money from her account, nor does it take a ton of time to manage it, as people think," she said.

"We just go out there and do what we usually do. Sometimes I film it and post it. It's filterless and that's what people appreciate, I think.

How do you reason about posting your children on social media?

"Everything is just fun, and Emil thinks so. We have never received any nasty comments. If we had, I probably would have thought differently.

In the video: See how it all started and join the family's everyday life on the farm.