At 19.30 pm, two passenger cars collided at a traffic light on Kaserngatan in Gävle. Three people were involved, all had to be taken to hospital for a check-up. One of those involved is suspected of negligence in traffic and causing bodily harm.

Into the center railing with summer tires

Shortly after 18 p.m., another accident occurred on the E4 in a northbound direction at the height of Gävle. There, a person had driven a car into the center railing. No one was injured, but the driver is suspected of negligence in traffic.

"The car had summer tyres and that doesn't work now. There are certainly more people who have switched to summer tires, but if you are going to go out in traffic, keep your distance and adapt the speed to the road conditions. If you have changed to summer tires, you are not allowed to go now that it is winter road conditions, says Mats Länn, RLC officer at the Police Region Mitt.

Three cars in collision

Earlier in the afternoon at 16.30pm, three cars were involved in an accident in a southbound direction on the E4, closer to the Axmart board. A motorist behind drove into a car in front. A report is made because you are suspected of not having adjusted the distance.