He wondered how to determine the winner if the U.S. and Russian militaries went to war.

"It is quite obvious that in this case there will be no winner," Medvedev said.

The deputy chairman of the Security Council added that it does not matter how many missiles will be shot down over the United States or Russia in the event of a hypothetical conflict, because some of them will cause a guaranteed defeat.

According to him, the consequences will be monstrous.

Medvedev also said that it is incorrect to talk about the timing of Russia's special operation in Ukraine. He explained that the Supreme Commander-in-Chief can give assessments of the course and timing of the special operation.

In addition, the deputy chairman of the Security Council called a legitimate target for the Russian army foreign specialists, whom the West sends to Ukraine along with weapons.

Medvedev added that the consequences of the use of weapons with depleted uranium can be very serious.