As the analyst noted, Ukraine's outstanding domestic debt last year reached $ 39.6 billion Most of this money, Tsutida added, falls on "war bonds" that the Central Bank of Ukraine issues on the primary market.

"But you can't release them indefinitely. Soon Kiev will reach the limit, "the author of the material warned.

Tsutida explained that most of the government bonds in Ukraine are absorbed by its Central Bank. Thus, it turns out that the country "finances itself with bonds."

This can lead to serious threats, the analyst concluded.

As previously noted by the Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev, at the end of 2022, Ukraine's GDP decreased by 35-36%, and by the end of this year it may collapse by another 5-10% against the background of Russia's fulfillment of the tasks of the CBO.

At the same time, the national debt of Ukraine by the end of this year will increase from $ 107 billion to $ 180-200 billion, he said.