Recently, the villa area on Tulip Road in the central town of Ånge received a close wolf visit. The wolf was inside a porch and the family was then able to film the wolf as it walked around the yard. An unusual behavior according to the county administrative board. The theory is that something attracts the wolf to get so close.

"It feels a little unsafe that they run in the villages and in the community," says Magnus Forsberg, who filmed a wolf on his farm with a surveillance camera.

Steamers think differently about the wolf

The County Administrative Board urges people to keep an eye on their pets and not to approach the wolves, mainly so that they do not get used to people.

"It's not very nice," says Martin Edlund, who wonders if he can have his son sleeping outside in the stroller.

Other steam residents are more positive. Kerstin Wissén thinks it's exciting with the wolves.

"I'd love to see one," she says.Hear some Ånge residents and see the wolf in the clip above.