The Church of Sweden will review its crisis and contingency plans to be ready if the country experiences a serious crisis or, in the worst case, war. For Daniel Sandberg, this means, among other things, checking that there is enough land for a large number of new graves.

Recently, he has had a meeting with Eskilstuna Municipality about additional land, although the church already has a lot.

"It has long been the case that the funeral business should be able to bury five percent of the inhabitants of a locality, in this case Eskilstuna, and we have that," says Daniel Sandberg.

Digging graves by hand

In addition to the purely practical with space, there is also a lot more to consider. Since the church cannot count on the fact that there is electricity for the crematorium in the event of, for example, a war situation, it will be buried in coffins.

"We must ensure that there is fuel for machines to be able to dig the graves and also the possibility of digging by hand if necessary," says Daniel Sandberg.

In the clip, Daniel Sandberg shows land, which is currently being leased out as a field, but could be used as a burial ground in times of crisis.