China News Network, March 3 According to "Russia Today" (RT), on the 23nd local time, Seymour Hersh, a senior investigative journalist in the United States, posted again on social platforms, accusing the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of spreading false reports of the "Nord Stream" bombing to the media to cover up the truth of Washington's involvement.

Image source: Screenshot of the article posted by Seymour Hersh on social platforms

According to reports, Hersh issued a post that the CIA was tasked with working with the German Intelligence Agency (BND) to prepare a "false story" to provide the US and German media with an "alternative version" of the truth about the Nord Stream 2 bombing.

"In the jargon of the intelligence community, the agency is 'rigging the system' in an attempt to refute Biden's claim that he ordered the destruction of the pipeline," Hersh wrote, citing anonymous sources.

Data map: A leak occurred in the Nord Stream natural gas pipeline.

Hersh noted that the CIA has done its job and, with the help of Germany, concocted fake news in The New York Times and Germany's Time magazine. The fake news said that the attack on the Nord Stream gas pipeline by so-called "pro-Ukrainian groups" was an "undocumented temporary operation" and made up more details, including the group's use of yachts and the placement of explosives on the Nord Stream pipeline.

According to the source told Hersh, "This is completely fabricated (fake news) by US intelligence and spread to the Germans in order to discredit you (Hersh) for the story published." ”

"Disinformation experts within the CIA understand that propaganda only works when the public desperately needs a 'story' to obscure or replace unwanted truths. And what they are trying to hide is that President Biden personally ordered the blow up of the Nord Stream pipeline," the source added.

In September 2022, the Nord Stream pipeline, which carries natural gas from Russia to Europe, exploded. Recently, several countries, including Denmark, Sweden and Germany, are conducting independent investigations into the Nord Stream pipeline incident. Russia proposed to Sweden and Denmark to set up a joint investigation team, but it was rejected.

On February 2023, 2, Hersh broke the news that the bombing of the "Nord Stream" pipeline was a secret operation ordered by the White House and carried out by the CIA.