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Carmen Jordá (34) has become unexpected news for something unrelated to her successes in the field of motorsport. The GP3 Series rider has just been denounced by the clerk of an aesthetic clinic who ran over twice. Subsequently fleeing without help. He allegedly did so intentionally.

The Ana Rosa Program has been in charge of giving this exclusive information. The events, which took place on March 9, 2023, took place at the doors of an aesthetic clinic of which Jordá was a client. As reported by the company in the morning, the athlete "did not want to pay the 300 euros that cost a treatment that had gone to be performed at this center."

"Carmen Jordáran her over twice, intentionally and then fled at full speed," they said from the clinic in the morning. "His behavior was haughty and rudefrom the minute he entered the premises," they add. The aesthetic center has decided to take legal action and it has been the journalist Patricia Pardo who has revealed the content of the lawsuit.

"She has minor injuries, but it has left psychological consequences," they say about their worker. In response to the letter, the defendant ran over the shop assistant with her Maserati while she was on the street. Then he reversed and hit her again "displacing the victim about 3 or 4 meters." All while shouting from the car: "If I'm running you over, get out."

From the program they contacted the daughter of the pilot José Miguel Jordá and former partner of the motorcyclist Fonsi Nieto, but she hung up the phone when asked about the subject. Although there is talk of an economic motive, he has refused to give his version of events.

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