Europe 1 Studio SEASON 2022 - 202306h00, March 23, 2023

It is a comic book to discover Marilyn Monroe beyond the glamorous icon: "Marilyn Monroe, the last sessions" drawn by Louison was released by Futuropolis. Adaptation of the novel of the same name, the comic tells the ambiguous relationship between Marilyn Monroe and her shrink Raph Greenson during the last months of the Hollywood star... In this new episode of C'BD, the podcast that makes you addicted to comics, Sébastien Bordenave presents this book that reveals another face, much more intimate and tortured of the mythical Marylin.

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C'BD is a Europe 1 Studio podcast

Writing and presentation: Sébastien Bordenave

Producer: Sébastien Guyot

Director: Christophe Daviaud

Broadcast: Eloïse Bertil