In the United States, where edible cannabis is legal in some states, the number of children receiving care after accidentally eating cannabis has increased in recent years. This is what The New York Times writes in an article from January 4 this year.

According to the poison information center, there are no recorded cases in Sweden where a child has eaten cannabis candy by mistake. However, there are cases when minors received care after eating the drugs intentionally.

"The more you put in you, the more dangerous it is, and an overdose can ultimately lead to you ending up in a very serious medical condition," says Henrik Sjökvist.

The seizure of the drug candy was made in Malmö at the end of last year and now the investigation to find the buyer and seller of the goods has been closed down and the candy has been burned.

Drugs are smuggled by mail

According to Henrik Sjökvist, it is common for drugs to be sent by post, and makes it difficult to find the people behind the smuggling.

"If you pick the goods on a traveller, it is easier to link the person in question to smuggling.

Haribo's press service writes in an email to SVT Nyheter Skåne.

"We are concerned that these products are packaged to resemble established brands to attract and mislead individuals, especially younger ones."