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Ramón Tamames, the candidate for the Presidency, has closed his participation in the debate of the motion of censure accusing the speakers representing the Government and the PSOE of having offered the Spaniards a rally creating a situation of "enemy friend" and drawing again "the two Spains, worse than those of 36" and many others of not having been an example of "coexistence".

"I did not expect a rally like this at the seat of national sovereignty," he said, referring to a Patxi López who, he said, by dint of shouting "was on the verge of a heart attack." And he was concerned that arms concessions to Ukraine had not passed through Parliament and that no explanation had been given for the handing over of the Sahara to Morocco. Tamames has also complained about the trivialization that is now made of the word "fascist", as if this were Poland or Hungary.

Regarding feminist politics, she has accused government parties of using women as "bargaining chips". "For women we have Elizabeth the Catholic, who had more power than the king. And today we have more rapes than before feminism."

"You have the syndrome of La Moncloa, you think you are doing very well but take a walk down the street," he recommended.

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Motion of censure.

The "perfect me" out of time and place

  • Writing: LUCÍA MÉNDEZ Madrid

The "perfect me" out of time and place

Motion of censure.

The old man disowned by the tribe

  • Writing: JORGE BUSTOS Madrid

The old man disowned by the tribe

Tamames has assured that he believed that he would find in this session "some points of consensus", but it has not been so. He then referred one by one to all the parliamentary spokesmen who spoke at the session while many of them smiled condescendingly. He has especially referred to the Basque nationalists, whom he has reproached for their demand for more autonomy. "Separatism makes no sense," he said.

The candidate has insisted, "this house," Congress, "is not to scream." Tamames has thus disfigured the exalted speeches that have been heard in the mouths of spokesmen such as the PSOE or Compromís. And he regretted that all this has not been an example of "coexistence".

The PP spokeswoman, Cuca Gamarra, thanked him for his "affection" but reproached him that his party has decided not to vote in favor of a motion of censure that for him "has not been idle" because it has served to "give impetus to political interest and draw the Spanish situation".

Tamames has finally thanked everyone for having endured his words.

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