According to Taiwan's "Lianhe Pao" report, the egg shortage on the island continues, and it is fun and delicious to raise mini chickens at home, and mini Luding chickens and quails have also become popular. Some breeders said that because of the serious shortage of eggs recently, the degree of inquiry has exploded. As long as you spend a few thousand yuan (New Taiwan dollars, the same below), get the basic equipment such as the breeding box, for the people living in the city, they can not occupy space, but also enjoy fresh mini eggs, and do not have to queue up to grab eggs.

The egg shortage trend has led to the rise of mini chickens at home in Taiwan. Image source: Taiwan's Lianhe Pao

There are currently many clubs on the island's social platforms such as Luding chicken and Huang Shawei (quail breed name), everyone shares their breeding experience, and some people raise too much for free, some netizens said "It's so good, our family hasn't bought eggs for a long time" and "There are too many eggs, so I have to use them to make tea eggs", which makes the people who lack eggs look envious.

Luding chicken is a newly bred breed, known as "the world's miniature chicken", the adult chicken is only about 10 centimeters long, about the size of the average chicken newborn chicks, a whole group nested in the box, the small appearance looks very healing.

Breeder "Dinah" said that at the beginning, I saw many netizens breeding, curious, bought to raise, originally worried that the chicken was too small to raise, but only a few months ago, has already bred the next generation, more and more, but also distributed to friends, quite fun.

But the disadvantage is that Luding chicken is very afraid of life, it is difficult to play in the hand, she tried to raise Huang Shawei, but did not expect to raise it as soon as she started, about the size of the palm of the quail, very relative, children like it, and the eggs born are larger than Luding eggs, and they taste more tasteful.

Breeders suggest that if you want to raise mini chickens, you must have basic equipment, including special breeding boxes, drinking fountains, food boxes and insulation lamps, etc., because chicken manure will smell, the bottom of the box should be laid with wood chips and baking powder, made into a fermentation bed, you can reduce the taste, about two to 3 days to turn over, pick up the manure and feces, each laying can be used for 3 months, and then repaved, as long as the daily supplement feed and water is good, "lazy people are also very suitable."

The egg shortage trend has led to the rise of the trend of raising mini chickens at home in Taiwan, as long as the breeding box is ready, raising chickens in the city is not a problem. Image source: Taiwan's Lianhe Pao

In terms of price, there are currently many sales on the Internet, with an 80X40X40 cm breeding box to calculate, can raise 12 Luding chickens, or 4 to 6 Huang Shawei, without chickens The price of the complete equipment is less than 2000 yuan, and the monthly feed cost is very saving, a box of 1, 200 yuan is enough, and for a family of 4, raising two boxes can "eat eggs all"; In addition, the price of Luding chicken ranges from 80 to 150 yuan per chicken, and the quail is about 40 yuan, and those who breed special varieties can sell one for 800 yuan, but if it is just for fun, it is not recommended, and the mortality rate is higher.

Dinah said that although the eggs of Luding chicken and quail are smaller than eggs, because they are very good at raw, they can lay two eggs in about 3 days, and a whole litter of chicks lays quite many eggs, and in terms of taste, quail eggs are similar to eggs. And it is not difficult to reproduce, the hen will hatch chicks on its own, about 20 days, and when it grows to maturity and can lay eggs, it takes 45 to 60 days.