• Profile Rafa Castaño, the winner of Pasapalabra: how he was little, what career he did, what his parents are like, his hobbies...

Rafa Castaño (32) is from Seville, graduated in journalism and known throughout Spain for having taken the jackpot of 2,272,000 euros from Pasapalabra thanks to completing the famous Rosco del tirón. Undoubtedly, a milestone of the space presented by Roberto Leal.

But not only did he take that millionaire figure from Antena 3, but also a relationship, because, according to Lecturas this week, Castaño is in love with Beatriz Solano, a Navarrese presenter of the chain whom he met on the set of the contest in which he has made television history.

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The great secret of 'El Rosco' sees the light: this is Lucía Sesma, the implacable linguistic judge of 'Pasapalabra'

The great secret of 'El Rosco' sees the light: this is Lucía Sesma, the implacable linguistic judge of 'Pasapalabra'

Note that, when Rafa won the boat, he mentioned his partner, but without saying his name: "I remember all those people who have been there next door, understanding that I had to be studying and dedicating many hours to this: from my family to my girlfriend ...". Statement with which he made it clear that he prefers to maintain some discretion in everything related to his private sphere.

The relationship between Castaño and Solano was forged during the contest. In fact, Beatriz became part of Rafa's team in August 2022, just two months after he joined the program. They have many things in common, including their profession, as they are both journalists. Without going any further, Beatriz Solano has been working for 13 years in the weekend edition of Antena 3 Noticias with Matías Prats.

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The couple already share a roof in Madrid, although in the beginning he went to Seville and returned to the capital. As the aforementioned magazine has shown, Rafa and Beatriz have packed their bags and gone on vacation after a few convulsive days and many positive emotions.

Although Rafa Castaño has become a familiar face of the small screen, he prefers to keep a low profile. "Now what the body asks me for is anonymity, to live my life and that nobody knows anything about me," he said at a press conference as soon as he proclaimed himself as the new winner.

Apart from this television career, Rafa is a partner in a bookstore in Seville, a job he abandoned to study some oppositions. After these intense months that have changed his routine, Castaño is clear about it and wants to invest the prize because he does not want him to be "in the bank."

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