Regarding Prime Minister Kishida's visit to Ukraine, interviews with government officials revealed that the Japan government had notified the Russian side in advance.

Prime Minister Kishida left India for Ukraine via Poland without announcing the schedule in advance, and held a summit meeting with President Zelensky.

According to government officials, the Japan government notified the Russian side in advance of this visit to Ukraine through diplomatic channels.

On the other hand, with regard to ensuring the safety of Prime Minister Kishida, which had been an issue, Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuno revealed at the Budget Committee of the House of Councillors on the 22nd that "the Ukrainian government took full responsibility for the implementation of the measures, including obtaining information about the Russian military attack and evacuation based on that information."

Regarding ensuring safety during the visit, Prime Minister Kishida told reporters there, "We carefully coordinated with the Ukrainian side to ensure the maintenance of confidentiality, crisis management, and security measures.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuno: "We thoroughly managed information and made necessary preparations"

At an afternoon press conference, Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuno stated, "This visit was based on the premise of strict confidentiality, and after careful coordination with the Ukrainian government and others, we comprehensively examined the optimal method to ensure that there are no omissions in terms of confidentiality, security measures, crisis management, etc.