Born on January 1, 1960, Jacqueline de la Vega (63) came into the world to succeed. With only 14 years he began to parade in his native Mexico City where well-known firms and agents immediately knew how to see his potential. With great elegance, an exquisite education and a racial beauty, Jacqueline landed in Spain where she became one of the most beloved presenters in the 90s.

Among the best-known programs were Pero, ¿esto qué es? (1989-1991), Para ti... Jacqueline de la Vega (1992) and Noche de fiesta (1999). She also made her first steps as an actress -Hermanos de leche or Gol 2: living the dream-, although with little success.

At a meal at the restaurant Archy she met the hotel entrepreneur Cris Lozano, with whom she was married from 1992 to 2005. Their marriage was always based on love, respect and honesty, but in the end they decided to go their separate ways, but with good vibes. While they were married, his nephew-in-law Óscar Lozano also acquired prominence in the pink chronicle, who was the partner of Carmen Morales (52) -firstborn of Rocío Dúrcal and Júnior- with whom he had his son Christian (27), and who later dated for a time with Belén Esteban (49).

At the time of the separation, the model and presenter confessed to ¡Hola!: "Cris is an excellent and very honest person. There has been a lot of complicity in our relationship and, above all, a lot of communication." Sadly, in 2018 the businessman died of a heart attack in Bali, leaving Jacqueline in deep sadness. It was a difficult period in which she admitted that she felt "broken inside because our relationship was something spectacular. This man was my confidant, friend, partner and will always hold a very special place in my heart."

With the beloved businessman she tried to be a mother on several occasions, but at three or four months of gestation she suffered a miscarriage. Throughout his life he had nine attempts, until with the tenth he fulfilled his dream thanks to in vitro fertilization. His partner at that time was the Basque businessman Josu Fernández – they dated between 2006 and 2012 – with whom he would have his only son, Iker (14). The last relationship of which there is evidence is with the executive Luis Matoso.

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Little by little he moved away from the small screen to unleash his entrepreneurial side. She settled in Bali, where little by little she has formed a restaurantbuilding made up of several hotels and restaurants and is still linked to fashion and wellness because she has launched her own line of clothing and cosmetics. He travels to Madrid with some frequency to visit his friends.

Throughout her professional career Jacqueline de la Vega has earned the affection and respect of both the public and the press. He has always had an exquisite treatment towards communication professionals, generosity is one of the main traits that stand out his friends and his sympathy is unique.

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