A copy of the appeal addressed to the head of the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Communications Andrei Lipov is at the disposal of RT.

As Krupnik explained, in recent years in the domestic segment of the Internet, cases of advertising "simplified" receipt of various certificates and conclusions have become more frequent.

According to him, with a cursory study of proposals on the network, you can easily find contacts and ways to get, for example, "certificates" for exemption from physical education, about passing the driving commission without a doctor's examination.

But of particular concern are proposals for the "simplified" passage of medical commissions to obtain a permit for weapons, certificates of the absence of alcohol or drug dependence, sanitary books, the interlocutor of RT emphasized.

He noted that such ads advertise illegal services that pose a real danger to an indefinite number of citizens.

"I ask you to study this phenomenon and take appropriate measures: immediately monitor such advertising in the Russian segment of the Internet in order to eradicate it or introduce specialized notes on the illegality (as well as the legal consequences of use) of carrying out such activities," the text of the appeal says.

Earlier, Krupnik proposed to amend the rules for the placement of individual automated systems and other control infrastructure on Russian roads.