This year 2023 Ramadan us with a new companion from the world of technology that we may see more present with us in the coming years, which is artificial intelligence.

Although at the moment AI is nothing more than a timid companion to feel its footsteps in its first Ramadan to users in the Muslim world who may not have known its importance or capabilities before the end of last year, this year it decided to congratulate them on the arrival of the holy month of Ramadan in its own way.

In this article, we tested two popular AI image generation programs to see the potential of this type of technology in understanding Islamic culture by designing greeting cards on the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan.

The two programs, DALL-E and Midjourney, are backed by the industry's biggest competitors: Microsoft and Alphabyte, owner of Google.

Dal-E Program

The Dal-E application is characterized by its ability to create images, based on written descriptions, as this program relies on a neural network of artificial intelligence, and has been trained using millions of images from the Internet.

Developed by a research firm affiliated with the American nonprofit organization OpenAI, the program has evolved significantly in the second version, DALL-E 2, and can deliver great results.

The results are best seen when text descriptions are entered in English and the instruction style is taken into account, so you can request a photo similar to Van Gogh's drawings or one that uses realistic photography.

After registration, the user can use the special program "D-E2" currently free of charge.

How do we use Dal-E to design Ramadan congratulations?

You can create greeting cards with the Dal-E program by accessing the program link on the OpenAI website and clicking on the TRY DALL-E link.

From there, the link will take you to a page where there is a description box where you can write what you want to draw in English, and then, after you press the "generate" button, these special images.

Here are several examples of greeting card backgrounds on the occasion of Ramadan born by Dal-E:

Ramadan Greeting Card 2023 (D-E)

Ramadan Greeting Card 2023 (D-E)

Ramadan Greeting Card 2023 (D-E)

Ramadan Greeting Card 2023 (D-E)

Advantages and disadvantages of Dal-E

Dal-E is easier for the user, as it comes similar to using the Google search engine with a writing box that enables the user to describe the image he wants to generate, click on it, download it with ease, and even design upgraded versions of it.

On the other hand, the program is poor in terms of the quality of the generated images, which sometimes do not amount to the images and designs that are implemented by other traditional tools and programs such as camera editors or professional photo editing programs such as Adobe.

The program has also struggled to generate images in Arabic so far.

MedJourney Program

Midjourney is an independent research lab of the same name, founded in 2022 that explores people's creative potential with artificial intelligence.

The software offers a variety of features that can be used to create images by artificial intelligence by typing text commands describing the desired images.

These images are created using generative grids that learn to create images based on images that have previously been shown the same meanings and shapes.

The software is handled from within Discord, a chat platform through which users can communicate with the MedJourney server.

How do we use MedJourney to design Ramadan congratulations?

While using MedJourney may be a little harder for the average user, it's worth a try.

  • You must first download the Discord program and through it you go to a server called "MedJourney".
  • When you click on the server, you will find several channels under the name "Newbies" that you can choose any of them and enter the channel.
  • You'll see a page like a chat page with a description box at the bottom where you can type the command you want.

You can follow the video attached below to learn how to access the program:

The orders at MedJourney are not complicated, but they need more practice. Now we need to show special pictures of a greeting card on the occasion of the Ramadan of the generation of this program.

  • We write the following command, which is shown in the image attached below, and we will get several suggestions and they will be unique to each user.

  • The program takes the "Imagine" command and then allows you to write a simple description such as Ramadan wishes with a 4K moon and mosque, the word "poster" and then comes the role of some commands that can be used to increase the resolution and quality of the generated image, such as using the "V4" of the program as shown in the image and "Quality 4".
  • When you press the enter button, the program generates 4 different designs or images using the words and commands entered by the user, and under these images appear options that enable the user to choose a specific image and modify or generate other copies of the image as shown in the examples below.

Congratulations Ramadan 2023 (Midjourney)

Design Ramadan 2023 Calendar (MidJourney)

Congratulations Ramadan 2023 (Midjourney)

Congratulations Ramadan 2023 (Midjourney)

Features and disadvantages of MidJourney

MedJourney is one of the best programs that give many distinctive options and high quality close to the quality of major design studios, especially after the announcement of the "fifth version" (5V) of the program, which gives the program a quality of the generated images up to the resolution of "8K" display.

Another advantage of this program is that it can generate more than one copy of images with copies of each image being generated.

Among other features, the program has the ability to better distinguish the entered words and generate shapes with great visual dazzle, but depends on the user's ability to accurately describe what he imagines.

As for the disadvantages of this program, they are summarized in:

  • The difficulty of accessing the current version that needs the chat program "Discord" and the server "MedJourney" for some users, which may be an obstacle to its ease of use.
  • Also, the commands used to write the description may need to be trained by users.
  • The program has struggled to understand and generate images in Arabic so far.

Ramadan and Artificial Intelligence

This year's Ramadan begins in another form, and it may be the last for some of the programs and tools we use in it, as artificial intelligence will not only be present as a shy visitor at the breakfast table, but we may see it next Ramadan helping users prepare this table.