Georgina is promoting the second season of her Netflix reality show. That is, the woman (who appears in the photos next to it) of Cristiano Ronaldo knows very well that she has to return to the conversation, to the limelight, to, as Sofia Mazagatos would say, the candlestick.

Mission accomplished: With his use of the verb "work" in a post on his Instagram account, Gio has rolled it up again. On the other hand, it would not be the first time that this girl seems to get so bored that even currar seems like good entertainment. His participation in Mask Singer was going there.

Her presence in the bizarre program of the giants and big-headed singers also served to demonstrate something that is cured, precisely, by promoting: many people did not know who Georgina was, or did not put a face to her, or both. To change that is, whether we like it or not, to work. Another thing is that most mortals work for money and a few do it for other things.

The principles that move Georgina's life escape me: vanity? transcendence? validation? The character he creates in his series, on the other hand, entertains me, with his endearing assumption that you can get the girl out of town, but not the girl's village.

She began her first season with the girl going to Jean Paul Gaultier's haute couture workshop in Paris. He, like the Laura of the song, was not there, he was gone. Georgina planted, but Georgina happy and Georgina suggesting changes in a dress. Haute couture. By Gaultier. How not to laugh at that candidness. How not to envy that having lost touch with reality, level use the verb "work" as someone who says words in English that do not know what they mean but sound very cool and very chic. Who wouldn't want to be Georgina so they could stop working at once. Work without quotation marks.

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