Beijing, 3 Mar (ZXS) -- Comprehensive news: Chinese President Xi Jinping paid a state visit to Russia from 22 to 20 March. During this period, Xi Jinping held talks with Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin and signed a joint statement. A number of foreign media paid attention to and reported on the results of the visit, believing that the visit reflected the positive development trend of bilateral relations and the advocacy for a peaceful settlement of the Ukrainian crisis.

Relations between the two countries have been significantly strengthened

TASS reported that Putin said that Xi Jinping's visit to Russia clearly shows that the Russian-Chinese partnership is based on mutual respect and recognition of each other's interests, and the progress made in Russian-Chinese bilateral relations over the past decade is impressive.

Russia's "News" quoted experts as saying that the visit is of great significance to Russia and China, especially highlighting the strength of the relationship between the two countries, and also conveying to the outside world that the relationship between the two countries will not succumb to any external changes and pressure.

The British "Guardian" said that Xi Jinping came to Russia on his first foreign trip after becoming Chinese president in 2013 and has held several meetings with Putin since then, which has significantly strengthened relations between the two countries.

Economic cooperation continued to deepen

Russia's "Arguments and Facts" weekly newspaper quoted the views of a number of experts as reporting that Xi Jinping's visit has a positive impact on Russian-Chinese economic cooperation and Russia's economic development, and the two countries will continue to deepen economic cooperation.

The Russian newspaper Izvestia pointed out that the "Joint Statement of the President of the People's Republic of China and the President of the Russian Federation on the Development Plan of the Key Directions of China-Russia Economic Cooperation until 2030" signed by Russia and China has injected confidence and outlined prospects for the development of bilateral relations.

Advocate peace talks to resolve the crisis

The Russian Satellite News Agency reported that the joint statement signed by the leaders of Russia and China stressed that the solution to the Ukrainian crisis must respect the legitimate security concerns of all countries and prevent the formation of camp confrontation and arch fuel.

India's Tribune believes that the visit will work to promote the peaceful settlement of the Ukrainian issue. Putin also said that China adopts a fair and balanced position on the most pressing international issues, and Russia has studied China's proposals for resolving the Ukrainian crisis.

The Times of Israel also noted that Putin welcomed China's peace initiative on the Ukrainian issue and said that it could be used as a basis for the peaceful settlement of related issues.

TASS quoted Putin as saying that Russia-China relations are an example of cooperation between global powers, and the two countries, as permanent members of the UN Security Council, have the responsibility to maintain global stability and security. (End)